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Gifts of appreciated securities (stock)

How to donate shares of stock to the Potsdam College Foundation

SUNY Potsdam is able to accept donations of stock either through electronic transfer of shares (see below for digital transfer codes and account numbers) or through the process of signing over stock certificates to the Potsdam College Foundation.

Please Note

  • When making an electronic gift of stock, your name will not be attached to the shares transferred.
  • In order to receive gift credit and to ensure your gift is used as you intend, please notify the Potsdam College Foundation when initiating a DTC transfer at

How to Make an Electronic Transfer of Stock:

  • SUNY Potsdam's account with Charles Schwab:
  • Digital Transfer Code (DTC) for electronic transfer:
    DTC Clearing #0164, Code 40
  • Name of Account:
    Potsdam College Foundation Inc.
  • The Potsdam College Foundation's Federal ID Number/Employer Identification Number (EIN): 23-7088021