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Restart Plan: Get the details.

Returning Student Housing

The housing process, for students who plan to live on campus next year, is starting up again on Wednesday April 15th.  We are excited to announce several new changes for next year:

  • No Deposit Required: In previous years, you were required to pay a $50 deposit to sign up for housing; we are no longer asking for this.  Please note that there is still a $250 termination fee if you sign the housing license and choose afterward not to live on campus.
  • Sign-Up, even if you have a hold: Holds on your account no longer prevent you from signing up for housing.
  • “Crane” House: For those who are in Crane or simply love music—House 9 of Lehman will be designated next year as the “Crane House.”  This house consists of 5 and 6 person suites.  We will also be taking one suite and converting it to three practice rooms for students in the house to use.
  • Van Housen Singles: We are continuing to house Van Housen as single rooms.
  • Co-Ed Housing Across Campus: With the exception of a few locations on campus, your assigned sex at birth will no longer restrict where you can live or who you can live with—the choice will be yours.
  • Please note:
    • For Individual Assignments (Single/Doubles) the selection order is based on the best (lowest) individual priority number.
    • For Group Assignments (Townhouse/Apartment/Suite) the awarding order is based on the group average. Those groups with the best (lower) group averages will be awarded first until all spaces are filled.

We offer a variety of different housing option for you to choose from for next year. Listed below are the timeframes to sign up for each option. There is a slightly different process for each housing option. We will email the instructions, post them to the Returning Student Housing Process webpage and post banners in your residence halls.

Please remember, if you are currently a first-year student, you are required to live on campus for 4 consecutive semesters.

View the 2020-2021 Housing License here.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please speak to your Residence Hall Director, or come over to the Residence Life Office in Draime Hall.

Completed Processes: