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Moving In

Move in day should be one of the most exciting days of your life, but we also know that it can cause tremendous anxiety.

In an effort to give you an idea of what to expect before you arrive, we have prepared the following information.

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When to Arrive

First and foremost, as a new student to SUNY Potsdam, you can arrive on Friday August 23, starting at 10 a.m. We reserve this day for only our new students so that you can be welcomed with all of our staff available to you to ensure a smooth transition. Please note, in order to fully support our new students in settling into their new home, we do not allow first time students to SUNY Potsdam to arrive earlier than 10am on Friday the 23rd.

Checking In

As you arrive to campus, you will go straight to your designated Residence Hall to check in. We will have staff across campus and throughout the halls to direct you where to go. Once you arrive, you will follow the signs in the building to its check-in area. The RAs will be there to guide you through this process. It will contain a combination of the following steps.

  • Getting your Room Key(s) - You will have to sign a key card which indicates you have received the key and agree to the lock change fee should you lose your key(s). If you have not already received your SUNY ID card but have submitted a picture, we will also be handing those out.
  • Room Condition Report (RCR) - You will get a blank copy of a RCR. You will use this to fill out the conditions of the walls, floor, furnishings and other items in your room. Filling this out accurately is beneficial to you so you are not charged for any pre-existing conditions in your room. You will need to fill this form out before you move any belongings into your new room.
  • Residence Hall Activity Fee (RHA) - This is the station where you pay $20 to access the supplies that the buildings have to share. Paying this fee allows you access to building vacuums, brooms, dustpans, board games, billiard equipment, ping pong equipment, outdoor games, and more. Even better, paying this fee in your building allows you to access RHA equipment in other Residence Halls too.
  • Emergency Contact Information Station - This station allows you to fill out a form indicating who you would like us to contact in the event of an emergency. While we collect this information, it is stored at University Police and is only accessible in case of an emergency.
  • General Information Station - This is where you will get a combination of important documents related to Fire Safety, Welcome Weekend, First Saturday, and many more areas.

Moving your Belongings

Once you have successfully checked in, you will now want to return to your car to gather your belongings. Have a lot of items? Do not worry, as we have help waiting. You will find an assortment of current students there to help that we refer to as the Welcome Team. This is a combination of Fall Sport Athletes and the attendees of the Student Leadership Conference. They all represent their team or their on campus club/organization, so be sure to introduce yourself if you see something that catches your interest. These students will help to unload your car and carry items into your rooms. In addition, we have a number of large maroon moving bins that you can sign out to use to empty your car faster than if you were to make a bunch of trips. All you will need is a photo ID (not your SUNY ID card) that you will leave while you are using the cart. Carts need to be returned to this location when you are finished so you can get your ID back.

Welcome Weekend Activities

As the day starts to fade into late afternoon, we start to get the students involved right from the beginning. Around 3:45pm the Resident Assistants on the floors will start to gather the students to take them over to the Opening Convocation and jump right into the Welcome Weekend Activities as soon as Convocation is over. The schedule for Welcome Weekend is provided at check in. With 3:45pm being the time we start to get the students up and moving, this is typically a good time for parents/guardians to plan to say goodbye. Welcome Weekend will keep your students busy right through Sunday night and get them ready to start classes up on Monday.

Things you might need off campus

For those who want to stick around until Saturday (or who have to arrive Thursday because of travel distance and times) there are a few local hotels you can look into booking. If they are full, or you would like to consider staying on campus in our Conference Center, you can fill out the Conference Center Request here.

If you forgot something, or wanted to wait until you arrived to purchase something for your room, Walmart is only a short 5 minute car ride away. Just head off campus on Pierrepont Ave and follow Route 11 west  about 3 miles.

As far as local food options, should you choose to stick around for dinner or need to grab lunch, here is a comprehensive list of locations around Potsdam.