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Case Management

What is Case Management? 

Case Management services are intended to be a comprehensive support available to students who need assistance with difficult or unexpected life events. Although some Case Managers may hold professional licensure in Social Work and Mental Health Counseling, case management is not therapy or counseling. Case Management is a short-term collaborative service that involves identifying areas of need, developing an action plan to address areas of need and connecting with supports and services, both on and off campus, to meet identified needs. Case management can provide educational resources, assist with navigating campus & community supports, make referrals to services on and off campus and provide advocacy support. 

Examples of qualifying situations that case management can assist with include, but are not limited to: 

  • Secure transportation to/from off campus locations 
  • Secure food assistance 
  • Secure emergency housing 
  • Coordinate with other campus services/supports 
  • Connect with Accommodative Services 
  • Assist with after care support upon being discharged from inpatient services 
  • Navigate social issues 
  • Connect with employment assistance or work study 
  • Identify underlying issues and what supports may be helpful 
  • Navigating academic withdrawal or leave of absence 
  • Help connect with academic supports 
  • Connect with financial assistance 
  • Connect with legal aide  
  • Referral for counseling services on or off campus 
  • Referral for substance use support 
  • Connect with support groups and services 
  • Advocacy and support after crisis or unexpected major life changes/events
  • Help navigate and understand available resources for specific situations  
  • Connect with LGBTQIA+ friendly providers 
  • ... and so much more!

Campus Reporting Forms (Make a Referral)

Case Management is a brief support, 2-4 meetings and follow up as needed, for any enrolled student at SUNY Potsdam. A referral can be made by anyone (faculty, staff, self, another student, family or friends, community providers) by completing the electronic referral. Once an electronic referral is submitted, it will be reviewed and responded to within 1-2 business days. At this time, the referred student will be contacted via email indicating that a referral was made on their behalf. Case management is a voluntary service, so students cannot be made to make an appointment. If a student chooses to initiate case management services, they can expect to meet with the case manager between 2-4 times to complete a needs assessment, develop a support plan and collaboratively navigate and connect with needed services and supports. Periodic check-ins throughout the semester may be included as needed. Student involvement is critical to the success of case management services.  

Case Management is NOT a confidential service in the way that Student Health Services and Counseling Services are. To provide the best support possible, Case Management services are considered private as it pertains to coordinating services within SUNY Potsdam on a “need-to-know” basis and is covered in the required informed consent to initiate services. Written permission will be obtained for correspondence with any off-campus entity, as well as Student Health Services and/or Campus Counseling Services.

Case Workers may, in certain cases, be involved in crisis intervention and management. However, Case Management is not intended to be used as a crisis or emergency service. For immediate crisis or emergency situations, such as a threat of harm to self or others, suicidal ideations, acute medical needs, or psychosis, please immediately contact University Police at 315-267-2222 or if off campus, call 911.

Meet your Case Manager - April Fullerton

April Fullerton Image

"I have over a decade of experience working as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in an array of clinical and educational settings. One of the most prevalent and foundational aspects of my work as a therapist has always been connecting individuals with the supports and services necessary to achieve their fullest potential both personally and in the academic or work settings. Ensuring people’s basic needs are met, linking them with support services, and serving as an advocate for them is essential to building a strong foundation for one’s social, emotional, psychological, and physical well-being.

In my capacity as Case Manager for the students of SUNY Potsdam, my goal is to work collaboratively with the student to develop a support plan that will address their identified needs. Whether it is addressing food or housing insecurities, assisting with academic concerns or needs, or linking students with supports on or off campus, I am here to help!" ~ April Fullerton

Contact Information
Counseling Center
Van Housen Hall 132

Phone: (315) 267-2732

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