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Campus ID Card

All SUNY Potsdam students, faculty and staff are eligible for a Campus ­Card.

The card functions as the official College ID and is used to access:

  • Meal Plans (Flex, Guest Passes, Meal Swipes)
  • Bear Express Accounts
  • Faculty Staff Plans (FSP)
  • Entrance to Residence Halls
  • Use of facilities in Maxcy Hall
  • Material sign out in Crane and Crumb Libraries

If you have questions concerning your ID card, contact the PACES Business Office in Merritt Hall at (315) 267-2658.

The card is the property of PACES and non-transferrable; no one else is allowed to hold, carry or use it. The card must be presented upon request for programs & services. Fraudulent or improper use will result in disciplinary action in accordance with Campus policies and procedures.

  • To avoid the possibility of someone else using your card, lost or stolen cards should be deactivated. It is the responsibility of the owner to deactivate their card.
  • A non-refundable fee of $10 will be imposed for replacement of lost cards or cards with a new picture. Broken cards are replaced for free.
  • Cards may be obtained at the PACES Business Office in Merritt Hall. Due to COVID restrictions, the office is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

View Campus ID Card FAQs

  • Log into with your CCA or log into Bear Paws, click on College Life & Auxiliary Tab, and click on the menu item to navigate to the link.

PACES is not responsible for any loss or expense resulting from the loss, theft, or misuse of the card.

Prior to submitting a photo, please be sure to read the photo guidelines carefully on what is required for the photo before uploading it – it’s as easy as taking a selfie against a white background! If you do not follow the photo guidelines it will not work, and you will have to try again.

Photo requirements:

  • Must be in JPG/JPEG/PNG file format at least 310 x 370 pixels in dimension, maximum size of 6MB
  • Must be in color with a plain, white or solid background without people or objects
  • Must be taken within the last 6 months
  • No hats, sunglasses or gestures
  • Head shot of you facing the camera, with eyes open and visible

    View Photo Example (PDF)

Photos that do not meet the specified criteria may be rejected.

***Proof of ID Required:

  • Passport
  • Learner Permit
  • Driver License
  • State ID

To Upload your Identification and Photo

  • Go to:
  • Log in using your CCA (campus computer account – this is the account used when logging in to BearPAWS, or campus email)
  • Click on Submit ID Photo
  • Click on Upload ID
  • Click on the Browse button to find location and select a photo of your Proof of ID (JPG/JPEG, PNG file format)
  • Click Submit
  • Click on Upload Photo
  • Click on the Browse button to find location and select your ID (JPG/JPEG, PNG file format)
  • Click Submit

***Proof of ID is required to submit a photo and again to receive your Campus ID Card .  Photo submission without proof of ID will not be processed. Submitting your photo and proof of ID will ensure your Campus Card will be processed and active prior to your arrival on campus.  Check your emails prior to the start of the semester for instructions on receiving your card. You must bring a government photo ID to pick up your campus card: Passport, NYS driver's license or original birth certificate.

Your card needs to be activated before you can use it to purchase textbooks, access your residence hall/campus buildings, your meal plan, and your optional Bear Express account. The number on the front of the card, below your name is your account number, not your P#!

To Activate Your Card

  • Using your favorite web browser go to
  • Log in using your Campus Computer Account (CCA) credentials
  • Click on Report Found Card
  • Click Yes--> Click Done

Activate your card, use your phone instead of your card  to access your Residence Hall

  1. Go to the App Store on your Cell Phone. (GooglePlay – Android)
  2. Search for CBord Mobile ID (currently a blue icon)
  3. Install the Application on your Phone
  4. Open the App
  5. Authenticate your device (only 1 device can be authenticated per account).
    1. Server URL:
      1. You may have to use the back button after GPS, cellular data, and Wifi are checked.
    2. You will use your SUNY Potsdam username and password.
    3. Hit the Authorize button to activate the device.
  6. Choose your door that you want to swipe into (it is a 4 digit number located on the door you are trying to access, on an orange sticker).
    1. You need to be within about 10-15 feet of the door you are trying to access.
  7. Swipe the cbord mini card on the phone to the right to unlock the door (or click GO if that is the option)
  8. The door should turn green and click unlocked.


  1. Your Cell Phone must have the following to allow this app to work:
    1. Cellular Data
    2. Access to a GPS Signal
  2. Once you install and authenticate your device, it will only give you access to the same locations that your ID card does.
  3. At this time, this app can only be used to open doors into the Residence Halls.
  4. You cannot install this application or authenticate any device that you are not in direct possession of. If you authenticate any device for anyone but yourself, you can be put through the student conduct system in the same way that allowing someone access to your SUNY card would be handled.
  5. You still must be in possession of your SUNY ID card at all times you are on campus, as required by campus policy.

  1.  Deactivate your card at

  2.  Access your Residence Hall through your mobile device

  • Download the CBOARD Mobile ID app from your APP Store
  • Authorize and authenticate your device using your CCA name and password- you will need Cellular Data and GPS to do this
  • Look for the 4 digit orange sticker next to the door you want to access – find that on the mobile app and either swipe, or click “Go”

  3.  Get a Meal Pass- no need to go hungry!

  • Go to the main Cashier register near Chips Deli at the Student Union
  • Passes will be issued and deducted from your meal plan balance. Passes will only be issued if you have remaining meal/flex and/or until the PACES Campus ID office reopens in Merritt Hall.