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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI) is a reporting tool that allows users to view account and transaction details.

On Campus Training

Users are encouraged to attend the Business Intelligence (BI) Finance Lab Sessions hosted monthly by Budget and Financial Reporting Services.

Representatives from budget and financial reporting, purchasing services and accounts payable will be on hand to help answer any expenditure related BI questions.

Each session gives each campus user the opportunity to ask specific BI questions and learn how to monitor your departmental budgets and expenditures with ease.

BI Training Guide (PDF)

How do I sign on to Business Intelligence (BI)?

Use your Net ID and password after clicking here.

How do I get access to, add accounts or get new permissions to BI?

Where do I check the status of my budget?

In BI, navigate to the Account Summary dashboard. Here you can query by account number. Account Summary will provide information on allocation, year to date expenditures, encumbrances and available balances.

Why is BI not working properly/why is some of my information missing?

BI was upgraded to work with Internet Explorer (IE) version 11, but it is suggested that you use either Firefox or Google Chrome.

Additionally, try clearing the cache for your browser.

Please contact the IT Service Desk by emailing or calling (315) 267-4444 if you have questions about how to clear your cache.