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Technology Facilities

Virtual Labs

We have several Virtual Labs available that can be accessed via a standard web browser.  These allow remote access to many software applications that are licensed by the College. Click below to fill out a form to request access to these resources. We will alert you via your campus email when your access is approved.

Request Virtual Lab Access

Once you have been granted access, you can visit to login.

Live Computer Availability

Beginning Fall 2020, users can look at live maps of our public use facilities to determine the number of computers currently in use as well as software availability. Please be aware that this is a new service and we are still populating the data in many locations as well as the available software packages!

You may visiting the service by clicking

Projection Classrooms, Classroom Computer Labs & Printers

  • To reserve classrooms, contact the Registrar's office at x2154

  • All computers are connected to the campus Network.

  • Faculty are reminded to please leave all classroom computers on when not being used. Please be sure to log-off computers when you are done using them, but do not shut them down. Maintenance is frequently performed remotely. This necessitates that the computers be on.

Software Requests

Advance notification for software installation requests for podium computers in all of our Projection Classrooms and all Computer Labs is now required. Requests should include those for new software, updates/upgrades to existing software, or settings changes to the existing software and/or the operating system. Additionally, the purchase of any new software must be done in coordination with CTS to ensure proper license control and compatibility with existing systems. CTS reserves the right to reject any software or hardware purchased without its involvement.

All requests must be made directly to the IT Service Desk by e-mail on or before the following dates:

  • Summer/Fall Semesters - March 15

  • Winterim/Spring Semesters - October 15

Requests made after these dates will be evaluated for feasibility and practicality, given time constraints and other support concerns. If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Internet Only Kiosks

Several public/departmental areas on campus have kiosks available for use. While each are tailored to a specific area, all have the following in common:

  • No printing is available.

  • They are web browsers only.

  • No data is kept/stored on them.

These areas are perfect for guests to check web based email, look up departments/people using the on-line directories, and check course schedules.