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The Property Control Coordinator is notified of all assets purchased by the Procurement Services Office, Research & Sponsored Programs, and College Advancement for inventory and decaling purposes. A SUNY Potsdam asset is defined as any item of equipment, furniture, vehicles, etc., purchased or fabricated with the original cost of $1000 or more, has a life expectancy of two or more years and is not consumed in the course of use.

Procedures for tagging items are as follows:

  1. Property Decals: All items (i.e. equipment, electronics, vehicles, furniture, etc.) purchased with State funds with a threshold of $5000 and above will receive a SUNY Potsdam bar coded property decal.
    Property Decal Image
  2. Ownership Tags: All items (i.e. equipment, electronics, furniture, etc.) purchased with State funds that are $1000 - $4,999.99 will receive a SUNY Potsdam ownership tag. Any item under $1000 may receive an ownership tag if requested by the department purchasing the equipment.
    Ownership Decal Image
  3. Computing & Technology Services Tags: Computers and related items including but not limited to printers, scanners, tablets, projectors, etc. valued at under $5000 will receive a local CTS asset tag. Such equipment valued at $5000 and over will receive a SUNY Potsdam bar coded property decal.
  4. College Foundation Decals: Items purchased or donated with SUNY Potsdam College Foundation funds that are $5000 and over will receive a College Foundation decal. Items that are gifted and/or donated through the College Foundation that are $5000 or over will receive a College Foundation decal. If there is a transfer of ownership to the state from the Foundation the item will be tagged with a State decal and a Property Transfer/Surplus Form must be completed.
    College Foundation Decal Image
  5. Research Foundation Decals: Items purchased through the Research Foundation of the State of New York will receive a Research Foundation decal for items that are $5000 or over, or as requested by the Research & Sponsored Programs Office.
    Research Foundation Tag

In general, all property will be inspected and decaled at Central Receiving. In the event that an item is delivered to the department and has not been decaled, it is the responsibility of the Department Equipment Coordinator to assist the Property Control Coordinator in various aspects including location of equipment new or old, circulation of information within the department and the disposition of surplus equipment.

Donated Equipment: It is required that all equipment donations have prior approval from the Property Control Coordinator, Department Chairperson and/or the appropriate level of management prior to acceptance of equipment. Items will be tagged appropriately.