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Proper Disposal of Assets

When a department has determined they have equipment, other than computers, that no longer meets their needs, they make a request to their Department Equipment Coordinator via a Property Transfer/Surplus Form. The Department Equipment Coordinator will then process a work order to have the item(s) moved to the surplus storage area. The Department Equipment Coordinator will send the Property Transfer/Surplus Form to the Property Control Coordinator so accurate asset record keeping is maintained.

Computers and computer related equipment that no longer meet the needs of the department shall be sent to Computing & Technology Services/Helpdesk for further action.

Trade-ins: Whenever possible, old or unused equipment should be traded in when new equipment is purchased. The purchase requisition for the new equipment references the trade-in and includes the asset decal number, item description, manufacturer, model number and serial number. The Department Equipment Coordinator will remove the asset/property tag from equipment being traded in. Written notification of any asset trade-in is approved and signed by Department Chair and/or appropriate level of management and forwarded to the Property Control Coordinator.

Under no circumstances shall property be disposed of, loaned, donated, traded-in or removed without proper authorization from the Property Control Coordinator.