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Web Registration Error Messages

BearPaws Web Registration Error Messages

Remember, courses with Web Registration Errors are not added to your schedule. You must request an override from the instructor or Department Chair if "Staff" is listed as Instructor.

  • Instructor Approval - You need written permission from the instructor to register for this section. Submit the permission form to the Instructor's Department Secretary.
  • Prerequisite Required - You need the prerequisite for the class.
  • Closed Section - The section you are requesting is filled.
  • Link Error Required - You need to be registered for a related section of the class. Select the two sections at the same time.
  • Time Conflict with ____ - You have registered for another class at this time.
  • Major Restriction - You need to be a major in the department to take this class.
  • Invalid Level for Course - Undergraduates wishing to take graduate courses for graduate credit - see Graduate Office. Undergraduates wishing to take graduate courses for undergraduate credit see Registrar's Office.
  • Class Restriction - You need to be in the appropriate class (freshman, sophomore, etc) to take this course.