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Undergraduate Programs

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    The B.S. in Community Health prepares graduates to pursue careers in substance abuse prevention, nutrition education, sex education, safety and injury prevention, disease prevention, therapeutic recreation, and environmental health advocacy, local or state public health departments, hospital outreach and education programs, community-based programs and agencies, social service programs and agencies, national health organizations, and corporate wellness programs.
  • The B.S. in Exercise Science focuses on the scientific and applied study of the human body with regards to performance and prevention of injury. Using an interdisciplinary approach, students will learn the research behind and the application of sound exercise and physiology principals.

Accelerated Degree Option

B.S and M.S. Community Health - Undergraduate students may be eligible to register for up to four, 500-level courses that they can use towards their M.S. degree. This is the equivalent of 1 semester of coursework at the graduate level. Once admitted to the MS Community Health program, those 12 credit hours of 500 level graduate courses can be applied toward their graduate degree requirements. Students must have earned at least a 3.0 in any course to be counted toward both degrees. These credit hours can count both toward their 120 credit hours needed for their undergraduate degree and the 48 credit hours needed for their graduate MS Community Health degree. Contact Dr. Kelly Bonnar for more information about this accelerated degree option.

Graduate Program

  • The M.S. in Community Health is a 100% online program that trains students to practice in the field of public health, which serves to promote, protect and preserve health through education, research, and policy. The curriculum fosters the development of core public health competencies, preparing students to lead and administer public health initiatives.


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    The Minor in Community Health is designed for students who wish to add specific health knowledge and skills to another major.
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    The Minor in Fitness will provide students with an understanding of the role of behaviors (including diet and physical activity) in human health, as well as an in-depth examination of fitness.
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    The Minor in Nutrition provides students with an in-depth examination of nutrition as a community health concern.
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    The Minor in Sexual Health enables students to examine a range of sexual health issues in the context of community health.
  • Loading... The Minor in Therapeutic Recreation prepares students to help special populations use their leisure time in engaging, healthy and meaningful ways.
  • The Minor in Wilderness Education prepares students to become leaders in wilderness settings. If winter camping, rock and ice climbing interest you or are already your passion, this is the program for you.

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Wilderness Education students work on their ice climbing skills at Azure Mountain.