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Department of Public Health and Human Performance

One of the overall goals of the community health field is to be proactive, creating a sense of overall well-being within communities by providing programs that focus on illness and injury prevention.

The Department of Public Health and Human Performance offers a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science that focuses on the scientific and applied study of the human body with regards to performance and prevention of injury. SUNY Potsdam's Excercise Science program is part of the National Strenght and Conditioning Association's Education Recognition program, a prestigious recognition that gives SUNY Potsdam Excercise Science students an advantage over the competition.

The Department of Public Health and Human Performance offers a bachelor's degree in Community Health that helps prepare students for careers in substance abuse prevention, nutrition education, sex education, safety and injury prevention, disease prevention, therapeutic recreation and environmental health advocacy. A master's degree in Community Health prepares students to practice in the field of public health, which serves to enhance health through education, research, and policy.

The Department also offers six minors in Community Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Sexual Health, Therapeutic Recreation and Wilderness Education all allowing students to focus on a subject of their choosing to complement their major.


Faith and Compassion

Othman Ladan ’19 cares deeply about helping people, a devotion that is bolstered by his Muslim faith. During the summer of 2018, he returned to Ghana to educate Muslim women about breast cancer and co-founded an organization to help blind people.

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Twenty Years in the Wild

SUNY Potsdam’s wilderness education program has been cultivating student leaders for the past 20 years. Mark Simon started the program in 1996, taking what was then just a collection of physical education classes and turning it into an extensive wilderness leadership program.

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Joey Boswell '18

As a military veteran, Joey Boswell ’18 found SUNY Potsdam later in life—a transformative decision that helped him transition from a tumultuous time in the U.S. Army.

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Sarah Lister

As the internship coordinator for the Department of Public Health & Human Performance, Sarah Lister helps to connect students with local agencies for on-the-job training. Since she started at SUNY Potsdam in June 2017, forty percent of her students have been offered a job by at least one of their internship sites.

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Kristine Demeter '18 (M.S.)

Kristine Demeter ’18 is an integral part of the health coach program as a graduate assistant for the class taught by Assistant Professor Brent Crow—the same course she took as an undergraduate student.

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Nate Skidmore '18 (B.S.)

SUNY Potsdam exercise science major Nate Skidmore ’18 recently completed an intensive internship, at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning in Middleton, Mass. He had been working with collegiate athletes, while also observing professional athletes training with company founder Mike Boyle, as part of a hands-on learning experience.

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Dr. Chris Torres

Dr. Christopher M. Torres joined SUNY Potsdam’s exercise science program last fall with the theory of making exercise fun, a philosophy he tries to impart to his students.

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Megan Schneider '21, an exercise science major at SUNY Potsdam, discusses her life-changing fitness and nutrition regimen since arriving at SUNY Potsdam.