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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Department of Public Health and Human Performance

One of the overall goals of the community health field is to be proactive, creating a sense of overall well-being within communities by providing programs that focus on illness and injury prevention.

The Department of Public Health and Human Performance offers a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science that focuses on the scientific and applied study of the human body with regards to performance and prevention of injury. SUNY Potsdam's Excercise Science program is part of the National Strength and Conditioning Association's Education Recognition program, a prestigious recognition that gives SUNY Potsdam Excercise Science students an advantage over the competition.

The Department of Public Health and Human Performance offers a bachelor's degree in Community Health that helps prepare students for careers in substance abuse prevention, nutrition education, sex education, safety and injury prevention, disease prevention, therapeutic recreation and environmental health advocacy. A master's degree in Community Health prepares students to practice in the field of public health, which serves to enhance health through education, research, and policy.

The Department also offers six minors in Community Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Sexual Health, Therapeutic Recreation and Wilderness Education all allowing students to focus on a subject of their choosing to complement their major.

Making an Impact in Africa

Balancing his education at SUNY Potsdam with his commitment to the U.S. Army Reserves, Joseph Bovee ’23 is in the midst of a nine-month-long deployment to Niger, Africa. He’s been busy fostering relationships with local communities in the region, using humanitarianism as a tool to thwart terrorism throughout the country. He will be back on campus in the spring of 2022 to continue working on his degree in exercise science, with the goal of one day opening his own gym and continuing his career in the military.

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On the Front Lines

A community health major with graduate school on the horizon, Monica Montero ’21 just wrapped up her senior year with an internship like no other—working for the American Red Cross to assist asylum seekers in Texas. After completing the necessary online trainings and certifications this spring, Montero was deployed to Midland, Texas, to support undocumented teenage boys seeking refuge in the United States.

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Answering the Call

COVID-19 has presented challenges that we never could have imagined. Social distancing, wearing masks, and weekly pooled saliva testing have become as familiar to the campus community as late-night visits to the library. This semester, nine SUNY Potsdam students have embraced the challenge, and are giving back to the campus community as part of a new internship to meet the demands of the global pandemic—answering the call as newly appointed contract tracers for the College.

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Rising Leader in Health Education

A native of Canton, N.Y., with five generations of family history rooted in the North Country, Meghan Conklin ’21 wanted to stay close to home after graduating from high school—and SUNY Potsdam proved to be just the right fit. Now she is completing her degree in community health, wrapping up hands-on internships, and working as a youth ambassador for International Adolescent Health Week this month.

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Staying Fit During the Pandemic

Adaptation—the pandemic forced it and we can see it all around us. Right in step with the spirit of innovation are Tanya Hewitt and her exercise science students, who have found some unique ways to stay fit while gyms have been closed.

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Combating Disease Through Education

Like an antibiotic rapidly flowing through the blood stream to combat an infection, Whitney Callaghan ’17 & ’21 has used her knowledge to help fight the spread of diseases in Northern New York. The SUNY Potsdam alumna took her degree in community health and parlayed it into a career with the St. Lawrence County Department of Public Health—where she’s busy overseeing contact tracing efforts in response to COVID-19.

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Lost and Found in the Adirondack Mountains

A university's classroom isn't always what you think. In the SUNY Potsdam Wilderness Education Leadership program, students build inner strength and outer savvy in the deep woods of the Adirondacks.

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Taking the Lead

When Adam Smith ’15 entered SUNY Potsdam his freshman year, he never imagined he would be backpacking throughout the Adirondacks or scaling walls of ice and rock. Through the wilderness education program he gained leadership skills that set the stage for a successful career in outdoor education. Now he’s come full circle, back at SUNY Potsdam as an instructor in the same program where he was once a student.

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Road to Physical Therapy

SUNY Potsdam’s exercise science program has been a treadmill to success for Lucas Rucci ’20 and Wilber Parada ’20. Now in their final semester at SUNY Potsdam, both students were just accepted into the Doctor of Physical Therapy programs of their choice.

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Neishja Ransom ’17

After growing up in Brooklyn, N.Y., Neishja Ransom ’17 never expected to be bushwhacking through the Adirondacks or dangling from rock climbing walls, but that all changed when she came to SUNY Potsdam. The wilderness education program provided her with skills ranging from wilderness first aid and rock climbing to leadership in the backcountry that she parlayed into a leadership position with the Girl Scouts of Greater New York.

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Brooke Falsion ’19

Brooke Falsion ’19 is a record setter. During her time at SUNY Potsdam, she became the first All-American in the history of the SUNY Potsdam women’s soccer program. She was also the SUNYAC Offensive Player of the Year during her senior year, while setting several new SUNY Potsdam women’s soccer records, including being the all-time leading scorer with 46 career goals. Academically, she was just as impressive—recently graduating summa cum laude with a degree in exercise science.

Isata Tarawally '19

Community health major Isata Tarawally has already been putting her degree to use this semester as an intern with the American Red Cross in New York City. She has been visiting elementary schools and speaking with children about disaster preparedness as part of the Pillowcase Project. She will be heading back to the city after graduation to continue educating youth through an Americorps program with the same chapter of the American Red Cross.

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Dr. Janelle Jacobson

As a faculty member in SUNY Potsdam’s Department of Public Health and Human Performance, Dr. Janelle Jacobson teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in community health. From classwork to internships to professional projects, Jacobson believes that the best foundation for community health majors is to start tackling real-world problems.

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Faith and Compassion

Othman Ladan ’19 cares deeply about helping people, a devotion that is bolstered by his Muslim faith. During the summer of 2018, he returned to Ghana to educate Muslim women about breast cancer and co-founded an organization to help blind people.

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Joey Boswell '18

As a military veteran, Joey Boswell ’18 found SUNY Potsdam later in life—a transformative decision that helped him transition from a tumultuous time in the U.S. Army.

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Sarah Lister

As the internship coordinator for the Department of Public Health & Human Performance, Sarah Lister helps to connect students with local agencies for on-the-job training. Since she started at SUNY Potsdam in June 2017, forty percent of her students have been offered a job by at least one of their internship sites.

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Kristine Demeter '18 (M.S.)

Kristine Demeter ’18 is an integral part of the health coach program as a graduate assistant for the class taught by Assistant Professor Brent Crow—the same course she took as an undergraduate student.

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Dr. Chris Torres

Dr. Christopher M. Torres joined SUNY Potsdam’s exercise science program last fall with the theory of making exercise fun, a philosophy he tries to impart to his students.

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Megan Schneider '21, an exercise science major at SUNY Potsdam, discusses her life-changing fitness and nutrition regimen since arriving at SUNY Potsdam.