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The Center for Applied Learning uses the Starfish platform to book appointments.

Go to the  StarFish Service Catalog and select the appointment type you would like to book:

  • Career Development (General Intake), Jenica Rogers, Director, Lougheed Center for Applied Learning
  • Resume Review, Julita Nunez and Emily Bailey
  • Internship Preparation (Sarah Lister), Dr. Rob Ewy (Biology), Dr. Shalu Wunnava (Business)
  • Study Abroad - First Appointment, Birdy Nash, Dr. Tom Baker, Associate Director, Lougheed Center for Applied Learning
  • Study Abroad - Follow-up Appointments, Jenica Rogers
  • Mentored Student Research, Dr. Tom Baker
  • Honors Program, Dr. Tom Baker

If you need help making an appointment, call our office at (315) 267-2507 ​or email