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Learning & Research Fair

Since its inception over two decades ago, the Learning and Research Fair has been a wonderful opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to share their research, teaching/learning innovations, creative efforts, and scholarly achievements.

Visit the Fair to get to know your colleagues and students better, learn about and celebrate their scholarly contributions and accomplishments, share your knowledge and expertise, and suggest possible new projects and future collaborations.

Student presenters at the Fair are eligible to compete for awards administered by the Lougheed Center for Applied Learning.

All students (and faculty submitting course entries) will submit abstracts and poster files.

  • Staff in the Lougheed Center for Applied Learning will post each entry on the L&RF website. The website will serve as the program for the live event.
  • Students who wish to be considered for one of our research cash awards will be asked to engage in judging process.
    • In addition to the poster, they will submit a short video, audio file, or PowerPoint about their research, to be posted on the L&RF website.
    • Judging will take place immediately following the event on May 8 and will run through Friday May 10th.
    • Judges will consider the quality of students’ abstracts, posters, and virtual interactions in their scoring.
  • Winners will be announced on campus social media, by email, posted on the Fair website, and posted on this website.

Please direct any questions to (315) 267-2507 or We look forward to your continued support and participation in the Learning and Research Fair

2024 Learning & Research Fair 
May 8, 2024

Location: Barrington Student Union
Registration deadline: March 7, 2024 Registration link
Abstract deadline: April 10, 2024 Abstract form link
Poster deadline: April 24, 2024 Poster submission link
Video deadline: May 1, 2024 Video submission link
Judging: May 8-10, 2024 - Barrington Student Union 

Past Winners

Frederick B. Kilmer Research Awards

1st Place
Lacie Castile Berea
College and African American Educational Development (1855-1912)

Faculty Mentor(s): Thomas Baker

2nd Place (tie)
Zamani Ackie-Davis

Using Dinosaur Fossil Deposits to Predict Eustatic Sea Level Change

Faculty Mentor(s): Jessica Rogers

2nd Place (tie)
Rebecca Gomez

How has the Removal of Nixtamalization Impacted Mesoamerican Cuisine and Culture?

Faculty Mentor(s): Timothy Messner

Ram L. Chugh North Country Research & Public Service Awards

1st Place
Yaricuyay Moran

Adirondack Inventory and Monitoring Camera Trapping at SUNY Potsdam

Faculty Mentor(s): Katherine Cleary

2nd Place
Mckensey Biggie

What's for Dinner? Beetle Herbivory as a Biological Control for Purple Loosestrife

Faculty Mentor(s): Jessica Rogers

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Student Research

Dr. Robert Hinckley’s Kilmer Survey Research Lab
How the COVID-19 Pandemic Polarizes American Public Opinion

Faculty Mentor(s): Robert Hinckley
Students: Justin Brandon Berrios, Ayisha Khalid, Robert Patterson, Jessica Perez, Jack Rice, Slade Wright

Outstanding Faculty Mentorship of Undergraduate Research

Katherine Cleary

Frederick B. Kilmer Research Awards

1st Place
Emily Vierno
Development of Photogrammetry Techniques to Investigate Musicians' Posture
Faculty Mentor(s): Tracy Lipke-Perry

2nd Place
Lucas Scalcione
Thermostability of Heteropolymer Ferritin with Different H to L subunit Ratios Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Faculty Mentor(s): Fadi Bou-Abdallah, Ayush Srivastava

2nd Place
Aisha Laguda
Is the Proteasome Involved in Elc1 Mediated Degradation of Polyadenylations Factors?
Faculty Mentor(s): Fathima Nazeer

Ram L. Chugh North Country Research & Public Service Awards

1st Place
Samuel Rosenberg
Archaeology of the Jewish Communities of St. Lawrence County 1855-1945
Faculty Mentor(s): Hadley Kruczek-Aaron

2nd Place
Madison Shammas
Exploring Campus Recruitment Methods: A Dive into Social Media
Faculty Mentor(s): Raymond Bowdish      

Provost’s Award for Excellence in Student Research

Cassandra Spillane
Use of Red Ochre in Burial: Reason to Ritual?
Faculty Mentor(s): Timothy Messner

Outstanding Faculty Mentorship of Undergraduate Research

Timothy Messner