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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

Returning Home & Readjustment

First, we want to say, "Welcome Home to Potsdam!"

You have just had an amazing experience. You have challenged yourself and have learned new skills like communication, problem solving, creativity and how to be resilient when you are challenged. We congratulate you and we encourage you to keep growing!

Coming Home and Readjusting to Life

Often, the most difficult part of returning home is that you have had an amazing experience and you want to share it with everyone! Many people want to hear you had a good time, but when you start to talk about specifics, their eyes glaze over. Sometimes, it might feel like everyone expects you to readjust instantly. Your family might be happy you are home safe and a little overwhelmed at your newfound experiences and enthusiasm.

You might find yourself not only jet lagged, but also feeling out of place, missing parts of your overseas life, and unable to discuss your feelings with anyone who hasn't already been there. We often call this re-entry anxiety or "reverse culture shock." Life at Potsdam may seem rather mundane compared to Spain, England, China or Taiwan!

You might feel restless or isolated, while also wanting to be alone, depressed or bored, and missing the people and places you recently left. Sometimes, you might feel your goals in life have changed and your life priorities are different. The fortunate thing is that you are not alone.

We encourage you to connect with others who have studied abroad, to other International students on campus and in the community and to continue to learn and challenge yourself.

There are many ways to stay connected internationally to help your transition into life at home: View Staying Internationally Connected

We would love to hear from you and we hope you will stop in to visit with us to share your stories. You can contact us at or (315) 267-2507 or stop into the Lougheed Center for Applied Learning.