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Music Theory, History & Composition

Welcome to the Music Theory, History and Composition Department. Our mission is to deepen each student's musical experience by developing new ways of hearing, seeing and understanding music. Departmental offerings include elective courses at the upper-division and graduate levels, as well as required course sequences in music history and theory. Majors available through the department include the Bachelor of Music degree in Musical Studies with specialization in either Composition, History or Theory, the Bachelor of Arts in Music, and the Composition Minor. Students can supplement these degrees with other minors and concentrations.


Visit the Music History page to access Musical Terms, Historical Overview, and the Music History Resource Guide.


Finding Mentors for Success

Marking the culmination of her success as a musical studies major at Crane, Christina Morris ’21 recently staged A Concert for Equity and Equality at Hosmer Hall. Pouring her heart and soul into the concert, she organized the event, secured a grant to pay her musicians and composers, and then conducted the concert from start to finish. She leaves Crane with unrivaled experiences—working one-on-one with Crane professors, touring Asia with the National Youth Orchestra, and attending Tanglewood’s prestigious conducting program—as she embarks on a career in conducting.

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