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Auditions Information

The Crane School of Music requires prospective students to complete auditions, in addition to completing an application through SUNY Potsdam’s regular College admissions process. You can complete these in any order:

Repertoire for Auditions

The Crane School of Music makes every effort to ensure that on- and off-campus auditions provide an equal evaluation and opportunity for admission. Each audition is designed to give candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to pursue college-level private music instruction, and will include a 15- or 20-minute appointment with faculty members qualified to evaluate each student's performance on his/her primary instrument or voice.

Students who have had their college Admissions fee waived may request an off-campus audition fee waiver as well, by contacting the Office of Music Admissions at or (315) 267-2775.

On-Campus Auditions

On-campus auditions are highly recommended. Students and parents get the opportunity to tour our facilities and meet with Crane faculty, students, administrators and Admissions staff. Harp auditions are only available on-campus. Piano auditions are available on-campus or at our New York City location only. Percussion auditions are available on-campus or at our Long Island location only. In addition, those who audition on campus can warm up in individual practice rooms, and do not have to pay a registration fee. Crane alumni are typically present at all auditions, both on- and off-campus.

Who Administers On-Campus Auditions

All on-campus auditions are performed for the faculty overseeing each instrument or voice area. Vocal auditions are always conducted by members of the voice faculty, regardless of location, and are all videotaped for review.

Travel Information & Directions


Off-Campus Auditions

For those that cannot travel to Potsdam, we offer off-campus auditions in the Buffalo, Long Island, Hudson Valley and New York City areas. At off-campus auditions, representatives from Crane and the Admissions office are always available to answer questions. Harp auditions are not available off-campus. Percussion auditions are available on-campus or at our Long Island location only. Piano auditions are available on-campus or at our New York City location only. Warm-up facilities off-campus are usually communal (individual practice rooms aren’t available), and audition time-slots are sometimes limited as well. There is a $50 non-refundable fee for off-campus auditions, which helps offset the cost of these events.

Who Administers Off-Campus Auditions

Most off-campus auditions for instrumentalists are administered by a faculty member from that area (one for all strings, one for all brass, one for all woodwinds). These auditions are videotaped for the primary teacher’s review, except for in New York City.

NYC auditions are administered by a Crane faculty member and videotaped, but may be overseen by a faculty member outside of your instrumental area.

Directions to off-campus audition sites

What to Expect at the Audition

What repertoire should I choose from?

A listing of representative undergraduate repertoire for auditions can be found here. Students should consult this list well in advance of their planned audition day. Students should be prepared for sight-reading to be part of the audition as well. Graduate students in voice, piano and trumpet can find repertoire information here. For other instruments, please contact the Crane Graduate Office at or (315) 267-2417.

Should I memorize my music?

Pianists and vocalists are required to perform from memory. Performers on other instruments need not memorize their music.

Will I have accompaniment?

Only vocal auditions will have piano accompaniment. Accompanists will be provided for both on- and off-Campus voice auditions; a $30 non-refundable fee will charged for this when the audition is scheduled. For recommendations about providing music for our accompanists, please click here.

Can I audition more than once?

Due to the large number of auditions for admission to Crane each year, prospective students are only allowed one audition per performance area, per year or admissions cycle (typically from December to March).

What if I get sick or have an emergency?

Students who are ill for their scheduled audition date should contact Crane prior to the audition and the appointment will be rescheduled. If you need to cancel or change your audition date for any other reason, please notify Crane as soon as possible. Late cancellations and no-shows affect other students, faculty and staff adversely.

What do I bring to my audition (besides my instrument/music)?

Nothing! Your recommendation letters should have been mailed to Crane at least two weeks prior to your audition. You don’t need to bring resumes or letters of recommendation to the audition itself.