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Music Education

B.M. in Music Education

The Crane School of Music boasts one of the world's oldest and largest music teacher preparation programs. In fact, music education is Crane's proudest legacy. For many years, Crane students and faculty have held leadership positions in local school districts and in state and national organizations that shape our nation's musical future. We actively seek those who wish to perpetuate our rich heritage and participate in the community of ideas regarding music and music teaching.

At The Crane School of Music, you will encounter a faculty and staff who care deeply about our students. Your teachers will possess years of classroom teaching experience, advanced degrees from America's most prestigious universities, active research interests, and a commitment to your success. Your activities here will include opportunities to teach school-aged students under the supervision of our faculty. You will be taught to reflect on each teaching experience and to apply these discoveries to future teaching assignments. Success in our degree program will prepare you to begin your career as a professional music educator.

A primary mission of education is to create a need to be aware of and navigate through a constantly and rapidly changing world. Current cultural and social forces such as technology, globalization and shifting sensibilities require music teachers to examine long-held values and practices. At times, how music teachers and teacher educators should forge ahead in pedagogically responsive ways seems bewildering. What roles should music teachers play in educating individuals for the future? What roles should teacher education programs play in preparing these music teachers? Of special concern in these questions are issues of responsiveness to change and responsibility to society as well as attention to quality of educational experience and personal engagement.

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