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On-Campus Employment

Hiring departments will need to announce on-campus job, internship and volunteer positions available to students by posting them to Handshake.

The interested student will apply for the opportunity through Handshake by logging in with their SUNY Potsdam email and password and then following hiring department instructions in the listing to apply for the position.

Hiring departments will conduct their own applicant interview, selection and orientation process. This same process may be used to post volunteer and internship opportunities available on or off campus.

Please see specific steps below for the hiring department and students.

Hiring Department

SUNY Potsdam faculty and staff will need to create a user account and join the SUNY Potsdam On-Campus Employment company. This is only done once and then users will have access to posting jobs.

Creating an Account & Joining Handshake

  1. Register Online
  2. Select the Employer account type from the options presented
  3. Fill out the information requested, making sure you use your email account. Click Sign Up
  4. Enter your recruiting interests (this helps to identify students who may be interested, however does not limit which students see the job postings.) TIP: just select one so it allows you to move on with registration.

    Enter Alma Mater: This is a requirement of the system that on-campus employers are not able to bypass. Select State University of New York System-College at Potsdam and Graduate Year: 2018

    Then click Next: Employer Guidelines

    Read the Employer Guidelines, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy

    Third Party Recruiter: Select No.
    Then, click Next: Confirm Email.
  5. Next, you will see the following screen, which contains instructions on how to verify your account via the email address you provided. The email should arrive within 10 minutes and will contain a link enabling you to confirm your account. You must click this link before you can proceed with the registration process. If you don't receive a confirmation email, please see our Confirmation Email Troubleshooting Guide.

    Handshake Instructions Step 5 Screenshot
  6. When the email arrives, click the Confirm Email button to verify your account.
  7. When you click Confirm Email in your confirmation email, you will be brought back to
    Handshake. If your company already exists in our system, you'll see the following page. You can click Request to connect with SUNY Potsdam On-Campus Employment and then select Next: Connect to Schools.

    Handshake Instructions Step 7 Screenshot
  8. You can skip this section by clicking Next: Finish.
  9. Confirmation Screen. All new Users need to be approved by Career Services in order
    to join the company profile on Handshake. Career Services will review your request
    within one business day. If you need immediate assistance, you may email

    Handshake Instructions Step 9 Screenshot

Career Services will review and approve profile requests and job postings on Handshake.

Next Steps for Hiring Department

  • Review applications, hold interviews, select candidate
  • Deactivate job on Handshake (Job may be reactivated based on future needs)
  • Contact Career Services for questions about Handshake
  • Contact Human Resources for any payroll questions

Learn about managing jobs in Handshake


  1. Search Handshake for on-campus jobs
  2. Apply through platform by uploading a resume and any additional documents required by hiring department
  3. Contact Career Services for questions using Handshake
  4. Contact Hiring Department for job related questions