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Summer Aid Checklist

Students in creekThe Summer Aid Application will be available in mid-April.

The following checklist is available to help you determine your financial aid eligibility for summer:


  1. Apply For Federal Financial Aid
    Be sure to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2019-2020.
  2. Apply for TAP
    If you are enrolled in six or more credits in the summer term, and choose to use TAP towards your summer bill, you may need to complete an application for TAP online at Please refer to “Important Summer Aid Information” for more details about summer TAP eligibility.
  3. Register for Classes
    Coursework taken MUST be applicable to your degree program. Delays in registering for all of your classes will cause delays in the processing of your financial aid. For some sources of funding (e.g., Direct Loans), processing will not occur until you are registered at least half-time.

    Most financial aid programs have certain requirements regarding the minimum number of credit hours you must take in order to be eligible. The definition of “full-time” or “half-time” during the Summer Session is typically the same as during any semester. Your enrollment level is determined by your total number of credit hours for the entire summer, including May Term.
  4. Submit Your Summer Aid Application to Financial Aid Office
    Once registered, review federal and state aid eligibility requirements provided in the “Summer Aid Information” document. Then, complete and submit Your Summer Aid Application (PDF) to the Financial Aid Office.
  5. Accept Your Loans
    You will receive an email notification directing you to accept or decline the loans offered through BearPAWS.

    Federal regulation requires that we split your accepted loan evenly among all enrolled terms.

    Please note: If your parents wish to apply for a federal Parent PLUS Loan for summer, they must complete a Parent Loan application on and include the summer dates in the loan application. (May 23, 2019 to August 9, 2019).

    If your parents wish to apply for a federal Parent PLUS Loan for summer, fall and spring terms, they must complete a Parent Loan application on and include the summer start date and spring 2019 end date in the loan application (May 23, 2019 to May 22, 2020).
  6. Review your Bill
  7. Be Sure To…
    • Notify the Financial Aid Office of any Outside Aid
      Outside scholarships or other sources of assistance affect your eligibility for both federal and state aid. Be sure to notify the Financial Aid Office of aid you may be receiving for summer from outside sources.
    • Notify the Financial Aid Office of ANY Changes
      ANY changes to your Summer Session enrollment could affect your financial aid eligibility. Notify the Financial Aid Office if you are planning to adjust your summer enrollment, including withdrawing from a class.
    • Respond to Missing Information Notices
      You will receive a notification through BearPAWS if we are missing any information needed to process federal aid on your behalf for the summer term, and subsequent fall and spring terms. Check BearPAWS and your Potsdam email regularly.
    • Complete Loan Requirements (If New Borrower)
      New federal loan borrowers must electronically complete: Loan Entrance Counseling and a Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note). Both can be completed online at Be sure to select the appropriate loan type for your loan (MPN for Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans, PLUS MPN for Graduate/Professional Students, or the PLUS MPN for Parents