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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

College Logos

Logos and Usage

When And Where Should The College Logo Be Used?

  • All communication materials should contain the SUNY Potsdam logo or the words "SUNY Potsdam"
  • When writing about the College, The State University of New York at Potsdam must be used first and then "SUNY Potsdam" or "Potsdam" may be used in additional mentions.
  • On merchandise, either the full name of the College, "SUNY Potsdam" or the master logo must be used in the font Adobe Garamond Semibold.
  • Our logo has been created specifically for the College. Therefore, it can only be reproduced using a graphic file (EPS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, etc.).

Master Logo (preferred)

The master logo is used exclusively on the front cover of all printed materials, in advertising and on letterhead. The one-color logo must always print in Potsdam Maroon (PMS 1955), Black or Gray (PMS 429 or 32% Black), using matching 4-color-process CMYK values.

Potsdam Master Logo

Secondary Logo

The secondary logo must always print in Potsdam Maroon (PMS 1955), Black, Gray or White, using matching 4-color-process CMYK values when color printing is available.

Secondary Color Logo

Vector EPS: Color, Black, Gray, White
JPEG: Color, Black, Gray

Additional Logos

Crane Logo

Bears Logo


Note: All files are process color. If you need PMS or logos in PMS 1955 and PMS 429, please contact the project manager / production artist.

Incorrect Logo Usage

Do not attempt to recreate or deface with other graphics.

The benefits of a consistent identity system can only be realized by maintaining discipline throughout all visual communications.
The following are examples of inappropriate treatments of the College’s logo and alternate logos.

Follow the seven commandments of the SUNY Potsdam logo:

  1. DO NOT use the logo as a symbol for office, school, department or division. See “Policy on Creating Other Logos” below.
  2. DO NOT alter the position of the elements of the logo.
  3. DO NOT rotate the logo. The logo is intended to be used horizontally only.
  4. DO NOT separate the clocktower from the logo.
  5. DO NOT stretch or compress the logo. Please resize the logo proportionately.
  6. DO NOT use the logo in nonstandard colors.

For visual examples of these rules, go online.

Logo Usage on Publications

The official SUNY Potsdam master logo must be used on the front side of all college marketing materials. Preferred placement of the logo is on the bottom right of the document, but other instances may prevail.

The secondary logo or wireframe is to be used exclusively on the back of any printed materials.

Design Requirements

  • The College logo should be reproduced no smaller than 1-inch wide, proportionately
  • There must be some space around the official College logo and any other logo alternative so that nothing is touching or overlapping the graphic (i.e., a design element such as flowers or other text)
  • The official logo and any other alternative logo must be printed according to the standards indicated here.

Policy on Creating Other Logos

The creation of new logos to designate the university, a college, a department, or a student club is prohibited.

No name or logo or other branding element designed outside of the parameters identified in this manual will be endorsed and/or approved by SUNY Potsdam.

Building brand-name recognition can be difficult and costly, therefore other logos created for university colleges, departments, or clubs may add to name confusion in the marketplace. A consistent visual element will resonate with the university’s diverse audience and provide instant public recognition that an organization is part of the Potsdam community.