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Creative Services

Creative and design services includes projects that span the campus community from design utilities to photography resources. All communications should have a strong, consistent visual presence and an integrated look and feel. Prescribing standards for all uses of school colors and fonts influences everything from campus signs to digital media and creates a visual identity that unites the university community. This visual identity gives our institution a familiar and welcoming public presence, immediately recognizable to the many populations we serve, while enabling Potsdam's departments and other units to communicate their unique identities within the overall Potsdam brand.

Creative services provides artwork/design for signage, publications, banners, posters, brochures, newsletters and many other mediums.

Request Design

The Office of College Communications is charged with promoting the campus and overseeing the production of SUNY Potsdam publications. The publications staff is responsible for maintaining quality and consistency in College materials and ensuring an accurate reflection of the SUNY Potsdam mission and core values.

Members of the College community who wish to produce promotional materials such as but not limited to brochures, booklets, departmental posters and signage are expected to work with the Office of College Communications to ensure quality and consistency of campus materials. The staff is available to assist in creating designs and facilitating production. Your cooperation in observing the various aspects of the Publications Policy and SUNY Potsdam Communication Standards will enhance the efforts of the Office of College Communications as it seeks to present a consistent and positive image of the College.

Starting a Job:

A project guide is filled out by a department liaison and reviewed by the publications director/publications associate followed by a meeting to determine eligibility of the job. Once accepted and a timeline and budget have been established, all electronic content and materials should be supplied to the publications staff. Electronic proofs and/or hard proofs will be supplied to the department liaison for review.

If no response is received three (3) weeks after the initial proof is delivered from the office or department, the publications office will deem the job cancelled. If the client wishes to resume the job at a later date, he/she understands that this will put the job at the end of the production calendar and new dates will be determined for delivery.

Final proofs need approval (signature) of the designated liaison before the job is finalized and printed.

  • Submitting text or copy: Please provide a text file or word file proofread by at least three people. Formatting and spacing is unnecessary.
  • Submitting photographs: If you have photos, please provide a minimum of 300 ppi (pixels per inch) resolution for all photographs. The publications office can work with many different types of file extensions and sizes. Do not try editing or increasing the resolution of the photo on your own - Send Originals.

We are more likely to be able to work with your image if you haven't compressed, edited or cropped the original.

Lead Time: (estimated)

  • Revision, no corrections, 3-4 weeks
  • Revision, corrections, 4-6 weeks
  • New Publications, 6-8 weeks


  1. Publications designed for the Division of Advancement, Admissions and as assigned by the College President
  2. Promotional publications for recruitment and/or fundraising
  3. Promotional publications aimed at the retention of current students

If your request is deemed ineligible due to time constraints, the office of publications can assist you with various options including:

  1. Training and/or Workshops
  2. Downloadable Templates

Printing Services: There are two primary printing options for reproducing publications at SUNY Potsdam. Those options are:

  1. Central Printing Services
  2. Outside Vendors

In most instances, the nature, budget and intended audience of the publication will determine how it is to be designed and printed. The staff will choose how best to get the job done.

Funding for Publications

Individual departments are responsible for providing funding for publications. Please be sure to include the amount budgeted for your publication and the account number to which it will be charged when you complete the publications project guide.

Recruiting Publications (Admissions)

All publications intended to be used for admissions recruiting must first be reviewed and approved by the Director of Admissions and the AVP for Communications.