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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Faculty Handbook Appendices

The Appendices below are available in Adobe PDF format.

Appendix I Bylaws of the Faculty of the State University College at Potsdam
Appendix II SUNY Potsdam Organizational Charts
Appendix III Description of Administrative Responsibilities Within SUNY Potsdam
Appendix IV Code of Ethics, Paragraph 74 of the Public Officers Law
Appendix V Salary Schedules
Appendix VI New York State Ethics in Government Act
Appendix VII Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action, Executive Order No. 6
Appendix VIII Sexual Harassment, Executive Order No. 19
Appendix IX Sexual Orientation, Executive Order No. 28
Appendix X Grievances Procedures for State Employees, Executive Order No. 42
Appendix XI SUNY Potsdam College Academic Calendar
Appendix XII Building Administrators
Appendix XIII Schedule of Submission Dates Pertaining to Contract Renewals Leaves, And Promotions
Appendix XIV Travel Allowances
Appendix XV Civil Service Law, Political Activities by State Officers and Employees
Appendix XVI Student Grievance Procedure
Appendix XVII Chancellor's Statement on Governance
Appendix XVIII Policy on Conflict of Interest
Appendix XIX Mobile Phone Usage, Executive Order No. 110
Appendix XX Private Institutions which Discriminate, Executive Order No. 17
Appendix XXI Establishment of Ethical Conduct Guidelines, Executive Order No. 1
Appendix XXII Eliminating Politics from Government Decision-Making, Executive Order No.