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Application Form

Application for Protocol Review for the Use of Animals in Research or Classroom Study
The same application is used for Field research, classroom research and laboratory research. Please review the instructions provided on this site to assure that you have met all of the requirements prior to submitting your application.

The following appendices may be required for your research. The only appendix that is required is Appendix E. The conflict of interest statement should be completed by the Principal Investigator and CO-Principal Investigator (CO-PI), should there be one.

Application for Renewal/Termination
This form is used both for renewal of an active protocol and to close a protocol. Note ? Protocol?s are reviewed on an annual basis. A protocol can be renewed twice and be open for a total of three years. After 3 years the original research protocol must be closed and a new application must be submitted if the research has not been completed.

Request for Modification
This form can be used to request a modification(s) to a protocol. The Chair will determine if the request represents a minor or significant modification. A minor modification may entail such things as a change in personnel or changing the route that a drug is administered. A significant modification might be an increase in pain or discomfort or a large change in the number of animals being used. (See the SUNY Potsdam IACUC Policy for additional examples).