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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

*Web Browser Compatibility Update*

Currently CITI Program offers full support for four browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

As of March 2015, CITI Program's website blocks use of Internet Explorer version 7. Users will need to have IE 8 or later, or use a current version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

How do I know what training I need to complete?

One or more than one?

The State University of New York at Potsdam has chosen the Collaborative Institutional Training Institute (CITI) online training program to meet the training requirements for research with human and animal subjects. In addition, CITI now offers training in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) as required by NSF and NIH funded projects.

Some researchers may be required to complete more than one set of training modules dependent on the type of research being done and the funding source.

When registering you will find that some modules are optional while others are not. To make sure that you complete the correct modules you must answer the registration questions correctly.

Go to:

Complete the registration and start answering questions to determine your curriculum:

You will be asked to choose a learner group based on your research needs:

  • Human Subjects
  • Animal Subjects
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
  • Conflicts of Interest

Dependent on the type of research you are doing and your funding source, you may be required to complete more than one learner group.

You will also be asked if you would like to complete some optional modules: Would you like to take the optional Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) modules

(This is not required unless your research is in this area)

Would you like to take a Responsible Conduct of Research Course?

(This course is only required for researchers working on proposals that are funded through NSF or NIH. If you are using these funding sources and are doing research involving human or animal subjects you will be required to complete the RCR modules and/or the Social and Behavioral Science Modules for Human Research or the Animal Research Modules).

Once you have answered these questions the main menu will open and you can begin to take the modules. The modules have been predetermined by the campus and you will be required to complete them in order to request approval to do human subjects research or animal subjects research through the IRB or IACUC and/or to apply for NSF or NIH funding.

You will find modules that are required. You will find modules that are elective. A specific number of these will be required to earn a completion report. You will find optional modules. Once you have completed all the required and elective modules, then the optional modules will become available for you to take.

Before starting the modules you should review what modules have been chosen for you to complete. If you are unsure about the modules that have been chosen for you, go back and review your answers to the questions by clicking on add a course or update your learner group.

If you still have questions contact Kate Devito. at x2130 for assistance.