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Finding External Funding

  • SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) is a searchable database containing detailed information about grant programs from more than 1,200 different federal and non-federal sponsoring agencies.

    The SPIN database can be found at the following link: SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network)

  • Grants Advisor Plus is an on-line information service for grants persons and faculty in higher education. Subscribers are provided with a monthly newsletter and with listings of grant and fellowship opportunities for their institutions and faculty.

    The Grants Advisor Plus can be accessed at the following link: Grants Advisor Plus

  • Community of Science is a comprehensive database of funding opportunities designed especially for faculty in higher education containing over 25,000 records. Available only to institutions with paid subscriptions, the Research Foundation of SUNY entered into an agreement with COS that makes this funding opportunities database and accessory tools available for use 24-7 by SUNY Potsdam faculty.

    Visit the COS home page at Community of Science



Major Funding Sources

Links to some major funding sources: