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  1. The Student Union is for the use of the college community and provides areas in which out-of-class activities may occur.
  2. Animals or pets of any type are not permitted in the building. The presence of animals or pets violates the Public Health Law and college policy. Seeing eye dogs are exempt from this policy.
  3. Guests on the campus are expected to comply with all college policies and regulations. Violations of policies and regulations may be referred to civil authorities.
  4. Rooms are reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  5. Student groups recognized by SGA can reserve a space in which they can meet on a regular basis. This type of reservation is valid for one semester. This kind of reservation is also available to faculty members for other than regularly scheduled classes, and by other recognized college groups. Reservations may take place during office hours only in room 208 of the Student Union or by calling 267-2013.
  6. There will be a charge to groups or individuals leaving any Student Union area in an unacceptable condition; this includes cleaning, damage to furniture or walls, damage to A/V equipment, etc. Normal wear and tear is excluded. Groups or individuals may be denied use of the Student Union for abuse to facilities and equipment.
  7. Suspended student organizations may not sign out any rooms or space in the Barrington Student Union nor may they post signs on bulletin boards.