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There are several other spaces available, each with a unique set-up so that they can accommodate any event from a campus-wide event to a club mixer.

The Fireside Lounge (BSU Room 202)

The Fireside Lounge provides a casual meeting area for groups ranging from 70 to 162 people. In its usual setup (70 patrons) chairs are arranged in a semi-circle fashion around the room's fireplace. Capacity can be increased to 162 if chairs are placed in an auditorium (row & aisle) style.For a smaller more relaxed atmosphere, the lounge features two and three seat couches.
PLEASE NOTE: The Fireside Lounge is not optimal for audio-visual presentations due to poor sight-lines.

Forum Room (BSU Room 204)

This forum style room, used mainly by our Student Government Association, offers three-level tiered seating for 39 people facing a panel. The room is equipped with chalkboard & projection screen. Extra seats around the perimeter of the room offers additional seating for 20, making the total forum capacity approximately 60.

Conference Meeting Room (BSU Rooms 203, 205 & 219)

These three conference rooms each hold 30 individuals and offer seating around two large conference tables. Each room is equipped with chalkboards and projection screens.

Multi-Purpose Room A

The MPR A can seat 125 patrons and is used for a specific event rather than a meeting. In this configuration, chairs are set up in an auditorium style facing East.

Multi-Purpose Room B

The MPR B can seat 250 patrons and like MPR A, is used for large events. Chairs are set up in an auditorium style facing North.

MPR A & MPR B Combined

If your event is very large, you have the option of opening up the divider between the two MPRs and thereby creating a much larger space that can seat up to 500 guests. For an event hosting to 500 guests, the chairs are set up in an auditorium style facing East. For a banquet, the space can seat 325 guests and chairs & tables are set up.

Unlike the other spaces, if you choose to use an MPR, there a few guidelines you should be aware of:

  1. Maximum seating may always be reduced based on the requirements of the specific event or program.
  2. Catered meals are ONLY accepted if they exceed the capacity of Thatcher Hall.
  3. Limited audio-visual equipment available on request:
    Television/VCR Combo
    Overhead Projector
    Slide Projector
    Portable Projection Screen
    Portable Easel Chalkboards
    Sound Amplification
  4. The sponsoring organization must complete a set-up form at least one calendar week prior to the event. In some cases, the sponsoring organization may be responsible for set-up/clean up or may be charged for this service.
  5. Use of alcoholic beverages must comply with NY State law and college alcohol policy.
  6. In some cases, organizations may be required to hire and pay for extra security personnel.
  7. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for any damage to facilities and equipment (normal wear and tear excluded).