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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Greek Life Defined

All Greek Council: The governing body of SUNY Potsdam Greek organizations

Intersorority Council: The governing body of six SUNY Potsdam sororities.

Active: An individual who is a current member of a fraternity/sorority.

Chapter/House: Words used interchangeably to describe Greek organizations; each sorority or fraternity is considered a specific chapter or house.

Rush: As a verb, the process through which chapters and individuals learn more about one another to see if they would be a good fit. As a noun, an individual who is interested in joining a fraternity/sorority (Note: Being a rush does not mean that you are obligated to join a group).

Formal rush: A three-week process coordinated by Intersorority Council, which allows individuals interested in joining a sorority to meet all chapters, and to learn more about those chapters that they are interested in joining (Note: Participating in formal rush does not mean that you are obligated to join).

Bid form: Form that individuals interested in joining a chapter fill out, which allows the Coordinator of Greek Life to check the individual's academic eligibility.

Academic eligibility: In order to join a Greek organization, a student must have completed 12 credit hours after high school graduation, have a 2.0 previous semester and cumulative grade point average (though some chapters have a higher requirement), and cannot be in poor academic standing.

Open house: The first part of formal rush: Women who are participating visit every SUNY Potsdam Intersorority Council chapter over two nights.

Interest parties: The second part of formal rush: These are opportunities for individuals to visit any sorority in which they have a particular interest.

Final teas: The third part of formal rush: Women who are participating in formal rush must receive an invitation to attend a chapter's final tea.

Preferencing: The final part of formal rush: An individual who has participated in formal rush and who has attended one or more final teas must preference to indicate the chapter(s) that she is interested in, and/or indicate that she has no preference.