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Unrecognized Organizations

Unrecognized organizations are not recognized by SUNY Potsdam or another College.  There are three main reasons that a group might be unrecognized: (1) a sanction has been issued that removed its recognition, (2) the group, or its national, removed its own recognition status, or (3) the group developed as a rogue organization. Unrecognized organizations are not permitted to participate, as an organization, in SUNY Potsdam sponsored activities (including such things as taking new members and using space on campus).

It is a violation of College policy for students to affiliate with organizations that have had their College recognition suspended or permanently revoked. The definition of affiliation includes joining, rushing, pledging or being involved in any activity that would normally be associated with being a member of such organization.

The listing below organizes unrecognized organizations in the Potsdam area into two categories, groups who the College believes might be attempting to function underground and those that the College believes are not active at this time, but currently remain unrecognized.

UNDERGROUND ORGANIZATIONS: Unrecognized but believed to be operating

Name Nickname Current Name Colors Year Removed
Delta Kappa Theta – ΔΚΘ Fraternity DK DK ΔΚ Maroon & White 2020 permanent loss of recognition
Phi Chi Epsilon – ΦΧΕ Fraternity Phi Chi DOD Navy Blue & White 2009 permanent loss of recognition
Sigma Pi- ΣΠ Fraternity Sig Pi Epsilon Omega EΩ Purple & Gold 2008 permanent loss of recognition

Note:  A group that has permanently lost its recognition by the College is one that has committed a severe violation or has a history of repeated violations of law and the College’s regulations such as the group’s conduct is determined to have irreparable adverse effects on the College or members of the College community. Any affiliation, including rushing, pledging, or residing in housing controlled by such organization, is prohibited.

In addition, Clarkson University has several unrecognized organizations that are believed to be operating in the local community. They are Beta Tau (BT), Delta Tau Tau (DTT), Sigma Delta (Sig Del)Tau Delta Kappa (TDK), Karma (ADG, Delta Sig/DS) & Omicron Pi Omicron (OPiO).

UNRECOGNIZED ORGANIZATIONS: Not believed to be currently operating

Organization Name Nickname Colors Year Removed
Alpha Delta Kappa – AΔK Sorority Alpha Purple & White 2013 permanent loss of recognition
Delta Lambda Nu – ΔΛΝ Sorority Delta Brown & Yellow 2014
Gamma Sigma Sigma – ΓΣΣ Sorority Gamma Sig Maroon & White 2014
Lambda Sigma Upsilon – ΛΣΥ Fraternity LSU Baby Blue & White 2015
Phi Kappa Sigma – ΦKΣ Fraternity Phi Kap Black & Gold 2016
Psi Phi Delta – ΨΦΔ Fraternity Psi Phi Red & Black 2011 permanent loss of recognition
Theta Omega Phi – ΘΩΦ Fraternity Prometheus Blue & Yellow 2012
Sigma Lambda Gamma – ΣΛΓ Sorority SLG Pink & Purple 2017


Omega Delta Phi (Omega) and Phi Kappa Pi (Phi K) are currently under a loss of recognition and are not permitted to take any new members or conduct any type of activity as an organization.