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Rules for Using Union Lobby

The lobby of the Barrington Student Union can be utilized for a variety of activities including: recruiting new members, introducing your club to the campus and giving out info, holding a fund-raiser, etc. If your organization is interested in using the lobby for a function, you should be aware of the following guidelines for usage:

1. Reserving a table or space:
  • A table/space in the lobby must be reserved through the Campus Life Office in room 208. Use of that space is limited by SUNY Potsdam's building policy and the New York State fire code. It is also limited by the priority of providing space and services to campus-based groups, other scheduled events (e.g. conferences and institutional events) and the appropriateness of events in the building.
  • Physical space is limited to a maximum of 18 six-foot tables. No tables may be located in front of the main landing. If the lobby space is full, there is the possibility of using the space near the east and west entrances. The main balcony is limited to special requests for major instructional programs.
  • Table reservations are limited to Monday through Friday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Due to the great number of evening meetings, no evening reservations will be taken. Exceptions will be made for major institutional events.
  • When groups are finished with their use of lobby space, they must pick up litter and deposit in trash buckets.
2. Proper Conduct during Reserved times:
  • Individuals must remain behind their tables during the reserved times.
  • Individuals at the tables must keep their voices/presentations at an auditory level that will not disturb individuals passing through the building, groups in meeting rooms, or anyone in student/administrative offices.
  • Amplified music must be kept at a level low enough so as not to disturb scheduled meetings, student, and administrative offices.
3. Regulations on holding Raffles, Bake sales and Craft sales:
  • Raffles in New York State may be conducted ONLY by "authorized organizations" who have applied for, and received, a games of chance identification number from the New York State Racing and Wagering Board. To obtain an ID number please visit: <>
  • Bake sales must be approved by the Associate Director of Campus Life. The Campus Life Office is located on the second floor, room 208.
  • Craft sales only are permitted by the individual crafts people. Sales for re-sale will not be permitted.
4. Disclaimer:
  • The college reserves the right to refuse use of space to individuals or groups who do not comply with operational policies, or who are denied access to college space by campus or civil agencies.