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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

Counseling Center Services

Consultation: We provide consultation to all members (students, faculty, and staff) of the College community. The focuses are often organizational problems, mental health issues, group dynamics, student-centered approaches, or improvement of learning environments.

Crisis Appointments: Crisis sessions are available for students exhibiting acute crisis where their safety and that of others is of concern.

Group Counseling:  We offer group therapy based on relevant situations and student interest. This milieu provides students access to professional counseling amongst their peers. A licensed counselor facilitates group sessions and assists students throughout the group process. This approach allows students greater access to services on campus while promoting peer-generated insight and feedback.

Individual Counseling: Registered students may be eligible for individual counseling with one of our licensed therapists. An intake appointment is made to determine the students’ needs and if the College Counseling Center is an appropriate place for treatment, as we are a brief, solution-focused center. Our goal is to provide students with a safe, confidential place to discuss their concerns, identify goals for treatment, and integrate healthy coping skills and interventions.  Through this process, we assist students with making changes to promote their well-being, achieve specific goals, and maximize their potential. Support groups are formed based on need or interest.

Peer Counselors (PCs): A group of trained student paraprofessionals are available to assist SUNY Potsdam students with personal concerns. These interns provide counseling support to students after completing and passing a semester-long training semester with one of our therapists. Passing interns must be approved to move into the first field-training experience. You can use this Peer Counselor Contact Request Form to request an appointment!

Medication Management: Our staff includes a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Miranda Groebler, who works for both our office and Student Health. Miranda meets with students who are interested in starting medication or who currently take medication and require on-going follow up.

If you are currently taking psychotropic medications, speak to your provider to determine if they are going to continue prescribing if Potsdam is not your home area.

Referral to Community Resources: The CCC brief therapy treatment approach is time-limited due to the natural parameters of resources.  In order to best serve the needs of our students, those whose needs require a particular type of expertise that is not available in the CCC are also referred to community resources.
In cases where a student's ongoing needs warrant a referral to community resources, the CCC may provide some interim support to the students as they are connecting to the appropriate community resources.  The CCC may provide referrals during or after the initial assessment meeting, or as these factors become more apparent during the course of services.

Referral to off-campus providers may occur due to the following reasons: A need for intensive, long-term, or open-ended therapy.  Possible indicators for longer term or more intensive therapy include:

  • Recent or multiple psychiatric hospitalizations
  • Chronic thoughts of suicide, frequent self-injury behaviors, or history of repeated suicide attempts
  • Evidence or risk of progressive deterioration in mental or emotional functioning that requires intensive intervention
  • A need for specialized services not available through the CCC, including but not limited to:
  • Presence of significant drug or alcohol problems such as substance dependence and/or past failed treatments
  • Need for drug testing
    • Presence of severe or long-standing eating disorder symptoms
    • Request for formal psychological assessment (e.g., ADHD testing)
    • Request for psychological evaluation for the purpose of employment clearance or other non-academic purpose
    • Request for services to fulfill students' court-mandated assessment or treatment requirements

Suicide Awareness and Prevention: We work with Sue Kimball and Alicia Clifford who generously support our suicide prevention and awareness efforts. Pre-pandemic we held an annual Suicide Awareness Walk. We’ve recently moved to virtual events during national Suicide Awareness Week in September.  Updated events can be found on the Get Involved website.

Telepsychiatry/Telepsychology: SUNY Potsdam received a grant from SUNY Systems to participate in a telepsychology and telepsychiatry program through SUNY Upstate Medical Hospital in Syracuse NY. Through this program, students can apply for counseling or psychiatric appointments through an encrypted video-chat software. If medication is an options for the student, providers can send any prescriptions to their local pharmacy. Services through this grant are free but may have a waitlist at times. The program is designed to support short-term weekly treatment for counseling.

Our offices are located at 131 Van Housen Hall
We are by appointment only until further notice
Phone: (315) 267-2330
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.