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Health Requirements For Attending

Student Health Services (SHS) must ensure all new, re-admitted and transfer students meet state and local health requirements. Health requirements are mandatory to register for classes. If you are registered for classes inadvertently, you will be disenrolled on August 15 for the Fall semester and January 15 for the Spring semester.

Follow the two steps below to complete your health requirements.

Step 1

Enter Insurance Information

Please provide us with your insurance information. If you currently do not have insurance, please visit the 'Health Insurance Information' Tab to the left for some affordable health insurance options that are available to you.

You can enter your insurance information online through the Student Health Portal by following these instructions:

  • Log in to BearPAWS.
  • Open the "New Student Services" link.
  • Click on "Student Health Services Portal".
  • Select the "Insurance" Tab.
  • Select "Add New" and enter ALL your insurance information, including the 3rd Party Policy Holder information - if applicable.
  • Then select "Add".

Step 2

Complete The Online Health Forms
The online forms should be submitted as soon as you receive confirmation of your deposit. Please call (315) 267-2377 or email Student Health Services if you have any questions.

Access the online forms by following these instructions:

  • Log in to BearPAWS.
  • Open the "New Student Services" link.
  • Click on "Student Health Services Portal".
  • Complete the Health Information Form, Meningitis Response Form, and Tuberculosis Questionnaire.


  • Submission of a Meningitis Response Form is required by New York State law. Please note that the law does not require you to have a meningitis vaccine, however if you indicate that you have had the meningitis vaccine within the previous 5 years, you must submit proof.
  • The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends college students answer a series of questions to screen for tuberculosis risk. Using this method, only some students will need actual testing for tuberculosis.

    You will be instructed to have further testing for tuberculosis if you are at risk.

    If you are required to have further testing for tuberculosis, it must be completed BEFORE ARRIVING ON CAMPUS. Make an appointment with your medical provider and have them fill out the printable version of the Tuberculosis Testing Form. Your medical provider should follow the steps on the form and fax or mail it to Student Health Services.

Step 3

Submit proof of COVID-19, Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines to Student Health Services if you received those vaccines outside of New York State to this secure link.

Student Health Service
44 Pierrepont Ave
Potsdam, NY 13676

Fax: (315) 267-3260