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How to Use the Patient Portal

The portal is found on BearPAWS and has a number of functions.You can use the Patient Portal to:

  • make an appointment
  • cancel an appointment
  • send a Secure Message (an encrypted email) to your medical provider
  • view patient education materials on a variety of subjects
  • NEW STUDENTS ONLY - complete Health History Form, Meningitis Response Form, and Tuberculosis Questionnaire

Please call Student Health Services at (315) 267-2377 if you experience any technical problems with the portal. There are five tabs across the top of the home page, just under the red SUNY Potsdam logo:

Appointment Tab:

Use this tab to make an appointment at Student Health Services

  • Choose the "Appointment" tab
  • Follow the instructions in the box entitled "Schedule an appointment at Student Health Services."
  • Choose a reason and provider if you have a preference. Click Submit.
  • Available appointments will appear on the right of the screen.
  • If no appointments are available, click on another date in the calendar on the left of the screen.
  • To choose an appointment time and date, click the green "Select" button.
  • Complete any online forms, on the Home Page, that are associated with your appointment reason.
  • Please remember that canceling appointments happens on the "Home" tab under "Upcoming Appointments."

Forms Tab:

  • Forms that are required to be completed by new students can be found here.See the "Health Requirements for Attending" page on this website before submitting these forms.
    • Meningitis Response Form
    • Tuberculosis Questionnaire
    • Health Information form

Messages Tab

Use this tab to send and receive Secure Messages with your medical provider. Unlike regular e-mails, these messages are encrypted, confidential, and become part of your medical record.

  • Select "Inbox" to read new messages that have been sent to you.
  • Select "Compose New" to send a new message to the medical provider of your choice.
  • Select "Sent" to see the messages you have already sent.

Education Tab

Choose this tab to read patient education materials.

  • Choose from a selection of education materials grouped by organ system
  • Choose "My Documents" to re-read the patient education materials you have been given during your appointments at the clinic.