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The goals for any health care model are derived from the values and beliefs of those taking part in the system. In the case of Student Health Services, the beliefs of the college community are paramount. SUNY Potsdam is a student-centered, residential campus committed to "offering, through appropriate means and methods, excellent baccalaureate, master's and continuing education opportunities in the arts and sciences and selected professional disciplines". Integrated throughout the campus is an appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism, and the belief that each student should be treated as an individual.

Student Health Services supports the mission of the College. The primary beliefs underlying the delivery of care are:

  • Health and wellness are important aspects of life, necessary for academic success, career, and personal fulfillment.
  • The college years are an impressionable time in an individuals' development and are the time that health habits are formed which may persist a lifetime.
  • Student Health Services can play critical role in guiding students towards the adoption of positive health habits by providing outreach health promotion and educational programs.
  • Students have the right to readily accessible, quality, cost-effective, confidential health care. This care includes all aspects of physical, mental, social, and spiritual health, which are integral to sustaining a productive college life.