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Attendance Request

Please complete the information form below to assist the President's Office in considering your request. Forms should be completed at least four weeks before the event takes place. The times requested for the president's participation should be as exact as possible as the president is often working with multiple events on the same day.

The President's Office team will review your request, and you will receive an email to confirm whether or not President Smith can attend your event.  

If the event schedule changes after submitting this request, it is the requesting department's responsibility to contact the President's Office at (315) 267-2100  immediately to determine if the change can be accommodated.

Audience Profile
If you wish the President to speak at your event, it will be for:
If a speech, is there an introduction before the speech?

Please notify the office if you need a biography or picture of President Smith for advertising purposes. The office also requests that a program of the event and a list of participants be submitted two to three days before the event takes place.