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Class Roster (for Faculty)

View and print your class rosters through the "Class List/Excel Roster Download" screen on BearPAWS.

  • customize roster information
  • print rosters in a compact format
  • view and print one or more of your semester courses
  • download your class lists into an Excel spreadsheet for grading

Helpful Hints:

  • We recommend that PC users use Internet Explorer and MAC users use Safari as your web browser when accessing BearPAWS.
  • You can also use the "Summary Class List" screen to access your rosters; this screen shows the additional information of the course's enrollment cap and each student's degree and first major, as well as a link to each student's semester schedule.
  • Please check your class roster often, especially during the early weeks of each semester, to check if students have dropped, withdrawn or failed to officially register for the class.
  • Note: the Class List/Excel Roster download report shows the final grade of the student (including changes, S/U, etc.) not what was originally reported by the facutly member. The "Summary Class List" shows the grades as originally reported at the grades submission date.


  1. Log in to BearPAWS.
  2. Under "Main Menu" click on "Faculty and Advisors".
  3. Under "Faculty Services" click on "Potsdam Class Roster/Excel Download".
  4. Under "Select Term" choose and submit the term appropriate for the course. You also can print rosters with or without grades for courses you taught in past semesters.
  5. The "Class List/Excel Roster Download" screen will be displayed.

    • The first block allows you to submit a different term.
    • The second block allows you to select the format for the roster either to "View/Print from browser" or as a "Microsoft Excel File". To print a roster or to check enrollment for a course, choose the first option. To set up an Excel spreadsheet for grading purposes choose the Excel File option.
    • The third block allows you to choose the options you wish to include on the roster(s).
    • The fourth block allows you to choose the courses you are teaching/have taught in the chosen term.
  6. Click the boxes for the courses whose rosters you wish to view or print then click on the "Begin Download" button. You will see the roster(s) of the course(s) you have chosen. To print these rosters, use your internet browser's print function. Each roster will print on a separate page.
  7. To view/print additional rosters or return to the menu, click your internet browser's "Back" button to return to the roster screen.
  8. Be sure to log off of your BearPAWS account by clicking the "EXIT" button to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.