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All final grades should be submitted via the web on BearPAWS.

Special Notes and Helpful Hints:

  • Please review our grading policies.
  • Do not use the "Back" button on your browser when grading, or your grades may not be properly saved. Instead click on "Return to Menu" at the top right of the page.
  • Submit grades for ALL of your rosters, including Tutorials and Internships.  Submit a grade for each student – check to make sure no student is left with “none” as their grade.  We suggest that you exit and then go back to your final grades rosters and check them against your grade books for accuracy.  You can also print a roster with your final grades from the Potsdam Class Roster/Excel Download screen, but the grades for withdrawn students will be blank until after the final grades submission deadline.
  • If any students have been attending your class whose names do not appear on your roster, they will need to apply for a late add through Sean Partridge in the Student Success Center (non-Crane students) or Dr. David Heuser in the Crane Advising Office. Graduate students should be directed to Graduate and Continuing Education (GRaCE).  If students are allowed to add the course, their names will appear on your roster so you can assign them a grade.
  • The College adopted a policy that creates a “Low Pass” or “P” grading option.  This will be handled in the same manner as S/U, so please submit your numeric grade as always, and the conversion will take place during grade processing in the Registrar’s Office.
  • If students have stopped participating in your class, it would be best if we can engage them to submit an Incomplete Request Form before the end of the semester. However, we realize it may not be possible to reach them; if there is no contact with the student, and no information about their situation, a faculty member would have no choice but to assign a 0. If the student was able to complete at least a 1.0 worth of course work in the first 6 weeks, a numeric grade could be assigned. Alternatively, you may assign an Incomplete grade – please see below.  If a student never attended, please submit a 0.0 grade. This will prompt the student to apply for a late drop, late withdrawal or emergency withdrawal as appropriate.
  • Incompletes (INC grades) may be assigned but only after you and the student have consulted with one another about this option.  Incompletes are to be given only to students who have requested them for valid emergency reasons, and arrangements for completing the course requirements should be made in advance with specific due dates clearly outlined when possible. Students must fill out the online Incomplete Request Form only after consulting with their faculty member.

Ten Simple Steps to Submit Your Final Grades:

We recommend that you use Internet Explorer as your web browser when accessing BearPAWS for faculty with PC computers and MAC's with up to Operating System X.3. With new MAC's, use Safari for accessing BearPAWS. If you experience any browser problems, please contact the IT Service Desk at 267-4444 for assistance.

  1. Log in to BearPAWS
  2. Click on "Faculty and Advisors" to get to "Faculty Services"
  3. Click on "Final Grades"
  4. Under "Term Selection", choose the term from the pull-down menu, and submit it.
  5. Under "CRN Selection", choose a course from the pull-down menu, and submit it.
  6. On your Final Grades roster, use the pull-down menu to the right of each student's name (default set to "None") to choose a grade.
  7. Submit a grade for each student - check to make sure no student is left with "None" as their grade.
  8. Click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the roster to save your grade(s). Note: If your roster goes onto more than one page (more than 25 students), submit your grades for the first page before clicking on the next one, or your first page grades will be deleted.  Look for the grade submission response to make sure you have not missed any students.  Please also note, you can continue to input and change your submitted grades up until the Final Grades deadline.
  9. When you are ready to input grades for another class, click on the "CRN Selection" link at the bottom of the roster page. Select and submit your next course, then click on "Final Grades" again.  Submit grades for every roster for which you are the primary instructor, including all Tutorials and Internships.
  10. Be sure to log off of your BearPAWS account by clicking the "EXIT" button to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.

Please do not be late in submitting your grades! The names of any faculty who have not electronically submitted their grades by the deadline will be forwarded to the appropriate Dean's office, for assistance with collection. If an emergency occurs that will prevent turning your grades in on time, please contact the Registrar's Office immediately.

Thank you for your help in making web grading a success!