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Instructor Drops (for Faculty)


By college policy, faculty can initiate a drop for any student who does not attend the first meeting of a class, and does not notify you of the reason for this absence within 48 hours of the first class meeting.

Note: Faculty cannot drop any student who has attended class even one time.


Check a current copy of your roster to make sure a student has not already dropped before contacting the Registrar's Office.

To have a student dropped, please send an email to Bethany Parker at

Include the course CRN, subject code and course number (i.e. #81234 PSYC 100), and the name and ID of the student(s).

The Registrar can drop these students with just faculty verification of non-attendance only during the first two weeks of class. After that, students will have to contact the instructor for verification, apply for special permission, and if approved, pay a late fee to drop the course.

Reporting Drops is Important

It is important to take the time to report this information to us so that:

  1. these students won't show up on Early Alert and Final Grade rosters
  2. students and/or campus offices won't have to bother faculty later in the semester to verify the students' non-attendance
  3. we can find out which students are not here this semester for accurate enrollment counts and billing.

Thank you for your help!