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Undergraduate Readmission

Undergraduate Readmission ~ Contact Jan Felt (Registrar's Office), (315) 267-3094, Graduate students seeking readmission into a Graduate Program, must contact the Graduate Studies Office directly at (315) 267-2165.

Note: Applications must be completed by August 7th for the Fall Semester and January 7th for the Spring Semester. However, it is strongly recommended that you submit your applications by the end of March for the Fall Semester and by the end of October for the Spring Semester to ensure that your application is processed in time for you to be assigned a registration time slot for the next semester based on your class standing.

SUNY Potsdam encourages former students to return to school. The following students are eligible to apply for undergraduate readmission:

  • Students who have attended SUNY Potsdam for at least one semester
  • Students who have fulfilled all previous financial obligations to the College and all other SUNY system institutions
  • Students who previously withdrew or were on a leave of absence
  • Previously dismissed students who have been away from campus for one full academic semester (fall or spring) from the date of their academic dismissal
  • Graduated students seeking a second undergraduate major or second undergraduate degree

Please Note:

  • Requirements for graduation in effect at the time of the student's initial matriculation are not binding on the College for more than 6 years after the date of initial matriculation. Students will be evaluated under the current requirements at the time of readmission if it has been more than 6 years since their initial matriculation.
  • Crane students may be required to re-audition prior to readmission to the College if more than one year has elapsed since their last enrollment at Crane.

International Students

International students MUST contact International Education & Programs (IEP) prior to re-admission. International students planning to return to SUNY Potsdam MUST obtain a new Form I-20, new F-1 Visa and repay the SEVIS Fee (Canadians do not require an F-1 Visa). This can be a lengthy process, so please be certain to contact IEP for more information on this process. Failure to contact IEP may result in the student being refused entry to the United States.