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Social Sciences

Find connections and discover community. Our well-respected programs in the social sciences will prepare you to make a difference, whether as a researcher, educator, clinician, policy-maker, activist or community leader. Here, you’ll experience:

  • Small classes, with faculty-led labs and classes. You’ll learn from expert scientists from day one.
  • Active research programs and field schools. Join an archaeology dig, complete your own study, join forces with a local non-profit, conduct a national poll… no matter your ambition, we’re here to help.
  • Unique resources and facilities, like our new HEARTH (Handcrafted Experiential Archaeological Research and Teaching Hub) and our lab spaces.
  • Camaraderie. Our students are super-involved, so you’ll be in good company, whether you’re completing a project, joining an honor society, or organizing a film festival with the Anthropology Club.

Undergraduate Programs

As part of a service-learning project for Dr. Heather Sullivan-Catlin’s Environment & Society class, Adriana Hernandez ’21 constructed birdhouses for a new Low Mow zone on campus. The project is a collaborative effort between the Department of Environmental Studies, the WISER Center, and the President's Sustainability Team.🌏

Inquire today:

“Anthropology is studying what it is that makes us human. It’s really fascinating to me to be looking back in time, hundreds of thousands of years ago, at these people and the struggles they went through. We’re not just looking at them as bones in the desert or a cave, we’re trying to piece together what their lifestyle was like.”

Charlie Sarkioglu ’22 Anthropology Major

From nightly performances on a Royal Caribbean cruise line, to acting gigs all over the world, CharlieSarkioglu ’22 has had a fruitful career embracing his passion for the arts. When he enrolled at SUNY Potsdam he shifted gears to study the field of anthropology—something that he believes will positively impact his future theatrical projects.

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