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Crime Prevention & Safety Education Programs

Crime Prevention

As part of the institution's educational mission, the University Police Department offers advice to members of the campus community on how to reduce their chances of becoming a crime victim.

Please remember that PREVENTION is the most effective means of fighting crime. Record the description of suspicious persons - do not detain or restrain them yourself. Escape is the primary objective if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Value your safety and the safety of others.

Notify the University Police Department immediately if you are a victim of a crime or if you witness one. Contact University Police by calling (315) 267-2222 for any emergency on campus. Use the Incident Reporting link to anonymously report incidents, criminal acts or suspicious activity.

[[{"fid":"45721","view_mode":"default","type":"media","field_deltas":{},"attributes":{"alt":"New York State University Police Logo","style":"float:right; height:105px; margin:3px; width:105px","class":"file-default media-element","data-delta":"1"},"fields":{}}]]Safety Education Programs - Working Together for a Safe Campus

University Police will provide educational programs on any of the following topics upon request:


Program Title


University Police - Powers and Services


Operation ID


Personal Safety/Basic Crime Prevention and Tips


Domestic Violence/Dating Violence


ABC Law/ Alcohol Awareness


Orientations - Student/Parent


Thing Students Get Arrested For


Drug Identification and Awareness


Drinking and Driving - Beer Goggles


Bicycle Safety and Security


Sexual Violence/Title IX reporting Information


How to report a Bias related Incident


CRASE: Citizens Response to Active Shooter Events


Self Defense Class

The University Police Department also has brochures on various safety/crime prevention related topics. These brochures are available for your use.

To request any of the aforementioned programs, simply call University Police at (315) 267-2222, request your program and the date and time you wish to hold the program.