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Mission & Duties

University Police Mission

The University Police Department shares the Mission of SUNY Potsdam and is responsible for ensuring a safe environment for learning and contributing to the educational process through problem solving, collaboration and commitment to education.

Mission Statement

The University Police Department strives to support a rich academic and diverse social experience at SUNY Potsdam by working in tandem with all departments and organizations on campus while promoting strong positive relationships with our surrounding communities.


All members of the University Police Department are committed to providing the highest level of professional law enforcement services to the entire community, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, national origin, sex, gender identity or sexual orientation.


All members of the University Police Department are committed to the community policing philosophy.  Positive relationships with all members of the Campus community are necessary to enhance the quality of the academic life at SUNY Potsdam, as well as ensure safety and promote equal partners in policing.


All members of the University Police Department must nurture the public’s trust by holding themselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics. As an accredited police department, we must demonstrate a high level of excellence and professionalism.


All members of the University Police Department must earn the trust and confidence of the community through high moral standards, conducting themselves in a manner which is fair, ethical, legal and portrays a sense of duty and honor. We work in constant partnership both with our campus community and with local law enforcement and community members.


All members of the University Police Department enforce the laws of the State of New York, Rules and Regulations of the State University of New York and the Potsdam Town/Village Codes in a fair and just manner. We are committed to the Constitution and strive to ensure that everyone will be treated with dignity, fairness and respect.

Duties & Values

Our department is responsible for the enforcement of federal, state, and municipal laws as well as vehicle and traffic laws. We ensure that the members of our college community comply with all campus rules and regulations. We provide these services 24 hours per day and seven days a week, because we are committed to the safety and security of all employees, students, and visitors to our campus.

A legacy of providing safety

The State University of New York has always provided for the safety and security of its students. Once known as Campus Security and Public Safety, the University system is now protected by a well trained and professionally certified police force.

To serve

As a University Police Officer, one must complete at least 60 college credits, must graduate from a DCJS approved Police Academy, must pass a statewide competitive civil service examination and pass a physical agility test as well as medical and psychological examinations.

Who we are

The University Police Department at SUNY Potsdam currently has seven police officers, two Lieutenants and a Chief of Police.