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About the Internship: In my time with NRC, I learned a great deal on some of the techniques and ways to go about spill response and remediations. At the beginning of my time with NRC, I was in the office compiling and creating spill reports, assisting with labor on spills, and learning about the soil sampling process, and completing chain of custodies. The second half of my internship was completed in New Hartford at a wetland remediation. This experience taught me many things such as heavy equipment operating experience, erosion control, digging creek beds/banks, and field identifying areas with high PCB contamination. This internship laid the foundation for my interest in this field of work and taught me many of the important aspects I need to know when entering this career.

About the organization: NRC East Environmental is a private company which specializes in spill response, asbestos handling, and environmental remediations. They focus on 24 hour emergency spill response, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, and site remediation service provider.

Company Address:
NRC East Environmental Inc.
500 Sunrise Highway
Suite 200, Building 200
Great River, NY 11739

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