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Owen Maskell
Invasive Species Research Intern
SUNY Potsdam Research Foundation
44 Pierrepont Avenue
Potsdam, NY 13676

Personal Experience: This past summer, I worked doing invasive species research under the SUNY Potsdam Research Foundation. This position involved traveling in the field and doing a variety of different activities. One of the job sites was the Red Barn Preserve in Morristown, NY. While working here, I gained immense knowledge of GIS mapping and plant identification, which are both highly marketable skills for a career in the environmental field. In addition to this, we traveled along highways throughout St. Lawrence county and mapped locations of where purple loosestrife was present, as well as the surrounding vegetation.  This position is a great fit for anyone who enjoys being outside on a daily basis and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty once in a while. It taught me a lot about communication and how to work independently under a supervisor.

SUNY Potsdam Research Foundation
Dr. Jessica Rogers
Satterlee Hall 307A

About the Internship: Invasive Species Research Intern                                                            
During the beginning of the summer, we worked in Morristown, NY at the Red Barn Preserve. We did a variety of things for the preserve, which included mapping their trails and building a plant species index. We used the data collected to build detailed maps which are published on trail signs at the entrance of the preserve. Another aspect of this internship was mapping invasion sites of purple loosestrife along highways in St. Lawrence County. On the campus of SUNY Potsdam, we designed and built a gallerucella beetle hatchery. These beetles are the only natural predator of the plant, and hundreds of hatched beetles were released at various infestation sites. This was a paid position and a typical day lasted 4-6 hours.