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Potsdam Prepared: Spring 2022 Updates

Summer Intern
St. Lawrence Land Trust
PO Box 684, Canton NY, 13617

Eric Fleury PhotoPersonal Experience: The Saint Lawrence Land Trust is a nonprofit organization that looks for conservation efforts in Saint Lawrence County. They work on finding properties that they believe will be good to keep an eye on and put easements on for the future. Their most popular easement being Harts Falls in Hermon, New York. I was an intern and helped overlook some of these properties. I worked on paperwork for national accreditation while also going in the field to clean these properties and do trail work for the community. We also did nature walks and water sampling. When we were not doing either of those things, we would set up a booth at the farmers market and try to reach out to the community. Through these things I learned a lot about how to interact with the community and my colleagues to reach a goal. Doing accreditation also allowed me to see the behind the scenes work on how much work, time, and effort goes into the organization. I learned how to use my time better to get as much accreditation done as I possibly could to help the organization to fulfill their goal of national accreditation.

Organization:  St. Lawrence Land Trust
PO Box 684
Canton NY 13617

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The goal of the St. Lawrence Land Trust is to conserve land in the County. They use easements on properties with each property having different rules for conservation. Through legal documentation these properties can be put under a set of rules for a certain amount of time. They have a board that meets every month to discuss different ideas and talk about their next move. (Bios for board members are on the website)

Contact: Dan Bellinger, Intern coordinator

Internship Description:
I was a paid intern for the SLLT where we worked 20 hours a week. My job included working on accreditation on my own time from my laptop. We also went to farmers markets in Canton, Massena, and Potsdam to reach out the community. Sometimes, we would go into the field and work on cleaning and maintaining easement properties.