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Student Research Projects

  • Reconstruction of Late-Carboniferous Ecosystems in Joggins, Nova Scotia
  • Gold Distribution within Ore from Gold Deposit "X", Lander County, Nevada
  • Depositional Environmental and Shell-Bed Genesis in the Late Ordovician (Katian) Verulum Formation at Gamebridge Quarry, Ontario
  • Petrology of a Multiple Meta-Igneous Intrusive Outcrop, Tupper Lake, New York
  • The Deformation of the Horton Bluff Formation in the Collisional Zone of Pangea
  • Geochemical Characterization of Polluted (?) Tributary Water Draining into Black Lake, St. Lawrence County, New York
  • Environmental Change Associated with Foreland Basin Development in the Late Ordovician (Sandbian-Katian) Nealmont, Dolly Ridge and Reedsville Formations at Dolly Ridge, West Virginia


Undergraduates at SUNY Potsdam are encouraged to obtain extra experience in their chosen field by doing off-campus internships. Contact the Experiential Education Office at (315) 267-2803 or visit their website to learn more. Examples of previous internships in which Geology students have participated include:

  • Barrick Gold, Elko, Nevada
  • Greens Creek Mine, Alaska
  • Corning Glass, Corning, NY
  • Steward at Blue Mt. Lake

Graduate Schools

  • University of Vermont
  • University of Indiana
  • Virginia Tech
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Western Ontario
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Curtain University, Australia

Opportunities in the Field

There is a vast range of employment opportunities in the geologic sciences. Students have found jobs as consulting geologists, environmental geologists, members of oil exploration teams, college professors, geophysicists, Earth Science teachers and environmental engineers. Below is a list of companies who have recently hired our graduates:

  • Griggs-Lang Consulting Geologists, Clifton Park, NY
  • Barrick Gold, Elko, Nevada and Australia
  • Greens Creek Mine, Alaska
  • TCU Environmental, New Jersey
  • Schlumberger (international)
  • NASA (on the Mars Rover team)
  • Johnson Space Center, Houston
  • Specialized Engineering, Maryland
  • Groundwater & Environmental Services, North Syracuse
  • Kleinfelder (international)
  • OpTech Environmental, Massena, NY
  • Alaska Environmental Resources
  • Allied Nevada