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Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS) is a department that brings together a number of different academic areas of study. Within INDS, students are able to select academic topics that align with their career aspirations. The majors and minors that students choose help to form the backbone of an individualized approach to learning. Rather than selecting majors and minors that are seemingly unrelated, students make connections between different fields of study—helping them pursue careers in line with their future goals.

Has anyone ever asked you what you want to major in?

Coming up with an answer that truly explains who you are and what you want to do can be challenging.

In INDS, we embrace that challenge and provide students with cross-disciplinary tools to be able to shape their stories in the ways that best explain who and what they are. 

When you have a hand in thinking about how the courses you take are connected, you will be better able to answer that "what’s your major" question for family, friends and prospective employers. And you will be better equipped to go out into the world and succeed.