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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Department of Psychology

Psychology, the study of human and animal behavior and thought, is a complex subject that utilizes information, tools and ideas from a variety of disciplines.

Some of the topics psychologists examine include how people interact with each other, how they solve problems, how people's personalities differ, how children acquire language, and how emotional and family problems are solved.

One of the larger departments on campus, psychology faculty are involved in research projects as well as their teaching responsibilities. Internship opportunities are available in a variety of areas for students. Knowledge in psychology can be used in almost any career - counseling, research, therapy, medicine, education, social work or human services.

International Study

Meleknur Alevcan has made the world her classroom. She speaks four languages—Turkish, English, Russian and Swedish—and after growing up in Turkey, she put down her roots in Sweden. Now she’s in the U.S., spending this semester studying psychology at SUNY Potsdam as an international exchange student.

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Delphine Léonard '20

Whether she’s in the classroom, on the ice or on the soccer field, Sophomore Delphine Léonard is making the most of her time at SUNY Potsdam.

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Cristina Jiménez ’20

After becoming a certified nursing assistant in high school, and helping patients dealing with mental illness at a hospital in Long Island, Cristina Jiménez ’20 realized that she wanted to become a clinical psychologist. She is now pursuing a double major in psychology and Spanish and plans to use both her language skills and her psychology education to make a difference.

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Melissa Dolese - Psychology of Art

Dr. Melissa Dolese, one of the newest faculty members on campus, brings her passion for art to the field of psychology. She is one of just a handful of psychologists in the country who is examining the interconnections between artist and audience.

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Amy Smith '13

After graduating from SUNY Potsdam in 2013, Amy Smith made her way to Tufts University. She was the corresponding author on a study that was recently published in the November 2016 issue of Science, one of the world’s top scientific journals.

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