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Potsdam Prepared: Fall 2021 Updates

Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice

Sociology is the study of human society, social behavior and social change. 

The SUNY Potsdam sociology program provides students with skills in analysis, critical thinking and communication, enabling graduates to pursue a wide variety of careers or continue learning at the graduate level.

Throughout their coursework, sociology students analyze social institutions; study social problems such as domestic violence, social inequality, crime and poverty, and the environment; and examine the role that race, gender and social status play in our daily lives. The Department offers both a major and minor in Sociology.

Criminal Justice Studies is the study of the criminal justice system: the perpetrators, agencies and actors involved in the processing and definition of crime, and the social, political and economic phenomena impacting each. The SUNY Potsdam Criminal Justice Studies program provides a broad interdisciplinary, liberal arts orientation with course requirements in Philosophy, Politics and Sociology and the opportunity for students to elect to study courses in Anthropology, Chemistry and Psychology. The Department offers both a major and minor in Criminal Justice.

The Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice also offers a minor in Human Services, a minor in Social Justice and plays an important role in the Women's and Gender Studies and Environmental Studies programs.

"Sociology has had a profound impact on the way I see things. I try very hard to see things from many perspectives now. I have connected with one issue most strongly, equality surrounding food. There is a niche for every person and through both my courses at SUNY Potsdam and my internship with GardenShare, I have found mine." 

Samantha Michaels Student
A Calling to Give Back

Jason Sanchez ’23 was raised by strong women. His mother, who has held jobs as an EMT and teacher, and his grandmother, who spent her career working in law enforcement, both have had a significant impact on his academic path at SUNY Potsdam within the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice.

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The Path of Persistence

As both a full-time student and a full-time employee at SUNY Potsdam, Angella St. Denis ’21 has learned to make the most of every moment, spending her days studying and her nights working on campus—all in pursuit of her dreams.

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Amber Rudolph ’20

Amber Rudolph ’20 wrapped up her junior year with a trip to Cloughjordan, Ireland, as part of a sociology travel course with Dr. Heather Sullivan-Catlin. Now she’s back at SUNY Potsdam for her senior year where she’s taking on a leadership role as the new vice president of the Student Government Association. She's also completing two internships: one focused on launching a sustainability initiative on campus with Sullivan-Catlin, and another with Ray Bowdish in the WISER Greenhouse. 

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